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I am looking to make my store better, more usable

  1. Load speed, Does the home page and a product page load quickly
  2. Is the banner confusing $20 for free local delivery / $40.00 for free Delivery?
  3. Do you hate the background color?  It's antique white, I was thinking it kind of looks like old comic book paper instead of white, but is it off putting or is it fine.
  4. Is the Home page to cluttered? Should I just use side navigation?
  5. Other recommendations on policies or anything in general?
  6. Any recommendations on Apps or websites to gain more information, to make my store successful?

Thank you so much for your time.  Peter, Pyramid Comics

Dear @Pyramidcomics 


Hope following suggestions will help you


  • Logo and favicon can be improved
  • Optimize your footer with social links
  • Add Custom Slider(Hero banners) with Call to Action
  • Overall Font, Color, Spacing, Alignment need to adjust - Make your store well-organized, neat and visually appealing and add to the user experience.
  • Balancing color, font and images etc.
  • Highlight your USP
  • Add Trust Badge
  • Add Sticky Buy now or add a cart button , Sticky cart - A sticky cart icon or sticky checkout bar reduces cart abandonment and engages the customer in your store.
  • Banner adding on Collection page - Make your collection page stand out with interesting & creative collection banners. Example of Good Collection Page
  • Do Cart Page Modification : discount code , Gift wrapping , delivery date picker, i agree with terms and conditions, trust badges, etc. - Personalize your customer's shopping experience with these features on your cart page.
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@Pyramidcomics your site is awesome!!

maybe online chat would be great thing.

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Hi there! Maggie, Shopify Expert here  

Your store looks really great! Now, to cover your questions, see below:

Banner - yes it feels confusing, as in someone would have to pause to decipher where exactly is "local". Why not change it to: FREE delivery over $20 within AZ only [example], Free delivery on orders over $40 within USA. You can phrase it differently, just make sure to specify which location you cover for your local shipping.

Load speed - yes, they load pretty fast. Here's the screenshot from Pingdom Tools:

Screenshot 2020-10-09 at 14.03.01.png


The background color looks great - it suits your niche.

The homepage does feel cluttered a bit - it can be overwhelming for visitors so I do recommend clearing it slightly. Especially that your images are quite busy, if you put a lot of them together, they start to blend in, so visitors can find it more challenging to decide which one to click, which can affect your sales.

Here are a few guides that might help:

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