Feedback on USA site please, it's underperforming horribly compared to Aus site.

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G'day all,


I need feedback on our USA site please. What are we missing here to convert sales? I  just can't figure out what's wrong.

Our Australian site ( is doing great numbers but USA virtually zero regardless of the traffic.  They are virtually the same site and we offer a great, in demand product that is always current and relative.





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Hey there, @AlpinaSam

First of all, I love the look of your store. That theme is working for you! Let’s see what we can do to make the US site perform as well as your Australian site.


Right off the bat, I see some differences pop out. While you say they are virtually the same site, they aren’t at all:

  • Your Australian site has a pretty engaging chat. I had invites to chat around the 2 and 4 minute mark. The US site has nothing. The settings are not the same.
  • The hero images have way different messaging. Even with the same image, the Australian site says, “Your body is around 70% water. Clean water is essential for maintaining good health.” The US site says, “Concerned about Fluoride, Lead, Micro-Plastics, Chemicals and Heavy Metals etc in your water?” Those are two very different messages!! 
  • Even the main navigation is slightly different. In the Australia site, it says Filter Systems. The US site has Fluoride Filters. 
  • The same goes with the banner. I would expect a difference here, but I didn’t expect to see it said “mainland states.” 


I would be curious - why are there so many fundamental differences in the design of the two sites? I can see how the Australian site is so popular. You really have that audience figured out. I think you’re missing the mark here on the US site.


A few ideas:

  • Run a poll on your US site or even through a Facebook ad to evaluate what matters to your audience.
  • Also, do some general research on US water filters. What are phrases they use to market their products? Instead of Flouride Filters for the US site, why not just water filters? Test it out.
  • Adjust your filter descriptions and names. Liters aren’t going to mean much to US customers. Turn into cups or gallons instead. Similarly, in the specifications, adapt to inches. 
  • Analyze visitor behavior through heatmaps and session recordings (to watch what happened in a visit) to really understand how people are using your site.


I would really copy your Australian layout and test it on the US audience. Instead of “mainland states,” I would say something generally, like “Free shipping on US orders.” As you get more sales, analyze if more people are coming from Alaska and Hawaii and adapt it necessary. 


Use heatmaps to see where people click and how far they scroll. This is especially helpful for finding the features that people want to read. 


Footer: Contact Us
There’s a lot to read here. Add in a link to your email address, and remove this text: “Please use contact form for stockist and display details.” Considering you don’t have an email address in there and you’re basically telling customers not to fill out the form below unless it’s about stockist and display details (?), it’s not very welcoming. It’s not encouraging engagement. 


Stop everything and watch recordings of people using your navigation. It’s kind of a mess. If I go into Fluoride Filters, I get a novel of information but no way to order it. There’s no CTA. Meanwhile, Shop seemed to make a little more sense, but it’s only linked one way (from the product page to the product information page). If you’re going to have that much information, either remove it from the main navigation or connect the two better. 


There’s just too much there. There are only seven navigation items, but they don’t flow. It doesn’t lead a customer through to checkout. Again, session recordings are going to be a HUGE asset for you here. 


Product Pages
I’m looking at the Bench Top Filters: BIO 400 5.25 Litre. Just update that to more American-friendly measurements.


Again, there’s a lot of text here. Heatmaps will help you find those areas that have the most interest with the traffic you do have, but it needs ongoing analysis. In general, you need to simplify this.

Remember why people are going to be buying it from you. As I read this, I would have more questions than answers:

  • Why is alkaline water better for you?
  • Should I be drinking magnetized, ionized, structured water and why?
  • What is organic germanium? 

You get the point. It’s not that you need to cram more details in here. It’s that you’re missing the problem you’re solving for customers. If they’re going to pay $450, you should be able to tell them the WHY. It’s clean water you can trust, right? 


I’m also missing instructions. It’s not clear that the “Full product information and specifications” is a link.


Again, run a poll to see which is more effective messaging. I see your Facebook ads are going heavy on the “LA’s Best Fluoride Filters” and “Great Tasting Alkaline Mineral Water” with a side of environmental responsibility. You may find your audience is more focused on CLEAN water (not being scared in it) and saving money over more expensive alternatives to tap water.

I would also suggest making a quiz or something interactive to help people find  the filters they need.There’s just so much to take in, so maybe a way to start would be a quiz that asks people what they want from a water filter (clean, affordable, etc.,) and the size they need (again, in cups or gallons) and show them options.

In the end, it all comes down to what your visitors are wanting. If you don’t know how they’re using your site, you can’t really know what’s stopping them from converting. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings and chat with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month.


I hope this helps, Scott. Good luck!


Cheers - 


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