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hi guys! 


Im new to the dropshipping game. I’m getting traffic to my store and being careful to build my brand correctly but I’m not getting any conversions in the terms of sales. I’m wondering if my website has any major issues that need changing? 

Feedback is appreciated!

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Your store was looking good!!
I have observed some points on your store. Product images are not in good quality, You can use high quality gallery images. Then visitors are spent more time on your store.
And You mentioned Why choose your store? But where customers are find who you are? Simply I suggest you can add "About us" page of your store.
I suggest you can Blog page of your store, It's helps for to increasing of store conversion rate.
You can use Google AdWords for increasing of more sales.

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Hello there

I have just completed visiting your site. Here are some feedbacks 

1. it's better if you use a banner first than show the products

2. Add an about us page and write about how and why you started this business/ how it can impact other's life

3. Add a separate contact us page along with contact information like your phone number, mail and physical address 

4. Add a separate shipping policy 

5. Last but not least- price of you products seemed a bit higher than other e-commerce sites such as Amazon

Thanks- Kaoser