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Hello all Gurus out there,


I am creating my very first online store. I have read a lot and tried to make my store in a way to optimize the buyer experience. Note that this store is only in Portuguese because it is only targeting that country, but this shouldnt be a problem since the user experience is supposed to be universal


You can preview my store here:


NOTE that the store is a bit different in the cellphone or in a PC. I tried to streamline the navigation in the PC with a megamenu, and on the cellphone with custom made buttons above the fold.


I need your honest opinion and suggestions so I can finalize the bits that are missing to make it public.


The store isn't finished yet. I will make my best to take into consideration and evaluate all your suggestions.


I am particularly out of ideas about the product page as well as to define a clean and simple color scheme specially for buttons. I also feel that the product cards may be too distracting with a lot of info going on...


Thank you for your time and contribution.


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Keep up the good work!



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Hi there,


I'm viewing your website on a desktop so here are my impressions:

  • The first part of your website until you get to the product previews isn't bad. I would substitute the blog and product reviews with something a little more substantial, but maybe the problem is that there is too much going on with the product previews. The sales price and animation makes it seem a little tacky.
  • Similarly to the top menu, the footer menu isn't bad either. I wouldn't change them.
  • You might be selling too many products. I'm not sure what the market is for what you're selling, but if it's oversaturated I would redefine your product selection.
  • I would stay away from gimmicks. It seems like you have a countdown timer for your products 
  • Your product descriptions are extremely long. I don't see anyone taking the time to read any of that. Include maybe 3-5 pictures and a short but sweet description.
  • Your blog visually looks kind of bad. I also see you see you still have some English on your website, but I'm attributing this to the fact you haven't finished yet.


Hope this helps! Let us know once you've revised your website so we can review it again.

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  • I like your Hero Banner with clear CTAs on each image and it is clear and concise until we get to the mid to bottom section. I feel like there is too much going on with the different product images, Blogs (which I think you should label the section distinctly)
  • I like your footer with all the necessary information there, I wouldn't change much there.
  • Like mentioned above, you have too many products and should possibly narrow down the categories you focus on. While were on products, simplify your images. There is way too many signs, logos, popups on your images which is very distracting. Also, remove the timer on the products and keep the product descriptions smaller as if it wasn't mentioned above, I wouldn't be scrolling that far down as a customer. 
  • I see you have an About Us page in the footer hidden, I would advise putting it on your navigation bar as you want to show customers your story as then they can resonate more with your company. 


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@beashipsand @SyntechDigital 

Many thanks for your input. I will certainly take your suggestions into consideration and will post here afterwards. Also thank you for your availability.


Regarding the number of products: I am focusing on selling 2 product types: a) solar kits ready to install or installed by us; and b) solar renting of the same kits installed by us. The other products are there to make the store credible and also because some clients are specifically looking for a specific product and not a full kit. These extra products (most of them) are also components of the kits. I copied this strategy from our competition. I will revise it in the future.


The Blog and product pages are far from finished.


The long product descriptions are there to give information, improve SEO, try to retain the client in the page, and be more useful than the competition sites. I understand they may be too long and distracting. Do you think it could work with a more appealing text design? Or should I just remove information?


The Blog will be used to give important information to the client that is hard to find elsewhere. For example: Step by step on how to register the solar installation in the mandatory government agency that regulates solar panels.


I will keep you posted.


Thanks again for your reviews.



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