Feedback on my Store and Advice on Shipping

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Hello All! I am brand new to Shopify and e-commerce in general. Although Shopify is unbelievably user friendly, I would like some advice on just a few things. First, any advice/critiques on my pages overall layout would be so appreciated as I have not had to much outside opinion yet. Second I have seen a great deal of traffic coming from India due to an small Facebook ad campaign I ran which included a few different locations, one of them being India. There seems to be a lot of interest in a couple of the products I offer which results in many people adding these products to their carts. But once they get to checkout and the shipping rates are calculated it almost always seems to lead to them abandoning them. I do not blame them because the rates them at are calculated are usually very high. I am just curious on the best ways to manage shipping costs to India. I am currently Dropshipping a few products from AliExpress. Do I have to find different suppliers that ship those same products to India for cheaper? What is the best to do that? Any advice on this would be so appreciated. My store is
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I am an experienced Shopify developer and I can provide solutions for you on a good budget. Please feel free to contact me regarding any help that you might need.



Shamar Sanyal