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Hello Shopify Community,


I would really LOVE some feedback on my website, an online active wear store.

I opened this website a couple of years ago, i closed it and then i recently reopened it - 3 weeks ago -: constructive criticism is always accepted.


Thank you all for taking your time to review this.


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Hi @MaxLewis80!


Congrats on the re-opening! That’s exciting to hear. You have a great start on the store, and now let’s make it shine.


First few things:

  • Love your logo, but don’t forget about the favicon! 
  • Why have a hamburger menu and a top navigation for desktop users? It’s not necessary to have both. If you’re using heatmaps (to see where people clicked), make sure you’re seeing how people use it. Most people go to the main navigation the moment they visit your website, so test around with that.
  • Speaking of your top navigation, weed out some of those categories. You have 11 options up there, which is way too many. Again, heatmaps will show you which ones your customers prefer and help you move it around. You probably will end up moving the blog, gift cards Terms of Service, Returns and Refunds and About us to the footer.
  • Use scroll heatmaps to see how far down people scroll and click heatmaps to see where people click on your homepage. I would probably remove either the Featured collection or the Popular Now collection. 
  • There’s a Sign Up and Save in both the last feature on your homepage before the footer and the column in the footer. It’s the same message for both. If they didn’t subscribe to the first one, they won’t subscribe to the second one. Pick one or the other.

  • In the footer, what is the page for SSL Encrypted Secure Payments? It doesn’t need to be there. If it does, explain why within the page. 
  • Where’s your contact information? I saw a form in your About us page, but it wasn’t clear that was contact. Add in some contact information here with a linked email address. 
  • Speaking of contact, add in a live chat on your website. I see you have a feedback button, but that’s not going to help when people have questions. Live chat will help you answer customer questions while they are still on your website.


Navigation and Product Pages
Watch some of your images in the collections. For example, the image for your Harvey Elastic Waist Men Short has some cropping issues:


Overall, I like your product collections. Your sub-collections as filters are really nice, though I would still add filters for price, ratings, availability, color, etc. 


Moving on to product pages, I’m looking at the Ekzo Hoodie Black. There’s a lot of extra white space under your share icons - maybe move the shipping information up to help fill it? I like that your shipping information is so easy to understand. 


There are a few things missing though:

  1. A size chart - help customers find that perfect fit. When I saw one of your sizes in another product (the All Day Comfort Full Length Leggings Emprise), the size guide was really hard to read. 
  2. Reviews - add a review invitation in the purchase confirmation email and then in any follow-up communication you may have.


As I look at the page, everything under the “Back to hoodies” button feels unnecessary. The gift card feature doesn’t fit at the bottom. There’s a reviews tab as well as a review feature lower on the page. The frequently bought together combination doesn’t seem to fit together:

This is a men’s hoodie and women’s leggings. I doubt they are purchased together.


I would watch session recordings, which act like a DVR for your website, to see how people are really navigating across your store. How are they getting to products? Are they going to search, or are they using the main navigation?

More engagement
I can’t ignore that feedback tab. Based on its placement only on the homepage, I can’t imagine it’s very popular. It just sits there. Plus if someone just visited your website, they probably wouldn’t make a stop to give you feedback on a store they’ve just started clicking on. 


Instead, try a poll that pops up at the right time during a customer’s journey.


For example, if someone has added a product to their cart but not checked out, you could ask, “Is there anything stopping you from checking out today?” to better understand their hesitation.

You can also do that with auto invites for chat. You set up the criteria (again, we’ll use added a product to the cart but didn’t check out). Once that criteria is met by a visitor, they’ll be asked to chat with a customized message like, “Hi! How can I help you today?”

Really, it all comes down to visit behavior. It’s as simple as that. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings, live chat and more with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month. Because everything is tied together (the heatmaps, recordings, chat, polls, etc.,), you get a better view of every customer’s full journey on your site. 

Anyway, I hope this helped. Good luck, Max!

Cheers -

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