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 Hi there,

thanks for the opportunity to ask you what do you think of my store. The store has been built a year ago and migrated last week to Shopify. The design stayed almost the same with a few tweaks here and there.

I care about the speed of the website. How does the loading speed feels for you? And what could be improved speaking of the design?



For us, your website loading speed is quite good.
Especially because of all those images you have on your storefront.

If you want more details on your page speed performance, we suggest you try Google's web performance tools.
You can click this link to access →
Enter the URL of your website and click on ANALYZE.
The tool will give you a score for Desktop and Mobile, besides tips on how to improve that score.

We hope this can help you!

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Hi there! Maggie, Shopify Expert here  

Welcome to Shopify The homepage has a classic and user-friendly design, proven really good for the conversion. My only suggestion would be the images - I would go for brighter images [I realize it's not exactly design element and more of the client's input, but it will definitely impact sales], and display larger images with only 2-3 per row.

It will give your client more upmarket and premium look, which will give the product bigger value perception. Hope it makes sense - also the website loaded really fast

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