Feedback on my dropshipping store!

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Dear forum


Can you give some feedback on my store? 


What I already know:

  • Need to buy domain
  • Logo is being made!

So what extra feedback do you guys can give me?




Hi @ProSoundPods 

Firstly I have to say your store looks quite impressive with dark theme. However, some noticeable changes can make it more useful. Few of them are mentioned below as follows:

  • Under the hero title "ProSoundPods", you should add a supporting statement for your value proposition to encourage customer to complete your CTA
  • In "Why use them" section, i believe that using 3 columns layout and adding icon to each block will make your page more organize neat and lively 
  • Undefined black space appear between "Why use them" and " White prosoundpods " + "Black prosoundpods" section
  • Add countdown timer to your sale products to increase FOMO effect
  • Your cart icon isn't update the number after press the ATC button

Hope you found this helpful . Best of luck for your business !

Victor | CRO addict @ PageFly
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Absolutely stunning looking store and the Narrative theme is perfect for this niche. You've done amazing job - congrats!

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