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Hey, would appreciate any feedback. This is my first webpage ever, so would like to know, whats wrong and whats right, thanks.

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Loved your site.. Combining things men care about. I did think of starting Pokerset (and other board games) based niche but happy to see you have them,  Soem of the sets are indeed expensive. Do you think visitors would buy them in first attempt from online website? 

I was thinking of setting up my own dropship store to prove negotiation point (and use my backend service RoboNegotiator).  If you allow, I can put some of your products in my dropship store and bring you more customers. Howevever, my focus is not in making money on products (so no sales commission needed) but I would need lowest price at which you would sell those products to buyers I bring to you. 

See video -

Sami (my future dropship store where products will allow buyers to negotiate price down) 

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Hey Eddie,

I like the banner images. You know that it's a blokes store just on landing...

Some othe things to consider maybe....

1. Have easy to click category pages on the landing page

2. Reduce the number of menu items across top or consider different theme...wrapping on my screen

3. Get rid of the what's new section..taking up valuable realestate on your landing page..see point 1 above

4. Best seller looks out of place as one item... I would expect to see 3 or 4 items as a summary beside each you can widen the customer and interest net...personally i don't smoke so the lighter is irrelevant to me

5.  Work out which products are likely to have the highest demand... and make sure they are prominent..

Everyone's got a different view, so others may differ. I think once the basic structural elements are right then you can drill and get more finicky.

OOC - what is your marketing plan to drive traffic?


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Hey, Eddie! 

Karlie here from the Shopify Guru Team! I would be happy to check out your website for you and offer any tips and suggestions that could help potential customers. 

It looks like you’ve already found a niche that you’re wanting to sell in, although I would recommend narrowing down your product selection a bit more. It looks like you offer quite a lot of products which is great, but can be a bit confusing and overwhelming for a customer. It’s best to focus on one or few elements to keep the buying experience as pleasant as possible.

While we’re on the topic of your products, I would like to suggest keeping your product images consistent across your website. Having the same look for all of your product images gives a clean and professional feel to your website. What you could do is make sure that all of your product images are in the same format (rectangle or square), the same resolution, having the same solid background (white, grey or black) and keeping your images clear of text or graphics.

It looks like you already have good solid bones on your website already. You have a great layout, you’re covered when it comes to policy pages and an ‘About Us’ page, but the one aspect I would recommend covering is having a ‘Contact Us’ page. It’s important to build customer to merchant trust and you can do that by allowing your customers to be able to contact you when they have any questions or inquiries. This also tells the customer that you’re open to help, to have conversations and that you’re an open book. You can create a ‘Contact Us’ page by following our step by step guide to creating a contact form.

Since we’ve covered storefront aesthetics then we can move on to website functionality. It’s important that you do some testing with your website to make sure that your customers can easily pay and checkout. You can do this by running some tests on your website. There are two different ways to test your checkout functionality. What you can do is either run a test order with a real transaction by following this guide or running a test order by simulating a transaction with this guide.

I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions - be sure to ask and I would be happy to help. Can I ask if you've already begun marketing and advertising your store? If so, what steps have you taken in that direction? 

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*Karlie* | Social Care @ Shopify
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