Feedback on my first store, please and thank you

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Hi this is me and my partners first store we have been working on slowly since before covid. Since we are both laid off now we finished it up and would like a fresh pair of eyes to leave feedback on layout, content, errors etc.


Thank you,


Hi @beachboundbabe 


Now is a great time to build a following on social media. I would work on building up at least your Instagram account. 


Few Suggestions 


Home Page: Needs to flow better. I would do this. 

  • Slideshow Image
  • Collection List (3)
  • Popular Products (8 max)
  • Reviews (slider)
  • Image With Text (little of your story)
  • Instagram Feed (only if you have awesome images)
  • Best Sellers (4) 

Product Page: Needs bit of work. I would do this. 

  • Add more detailed description
  • Add Product Tabs 
  • Remove Trust Badges (you want to look like a REAL business)
  • Remove Instagram Feed (don't want people to get distracted here) 


There are lots of other things I would fix but that is already a lot to work on for now. Keep up the good work.



Clayton Bates 


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Hi @beachboundbabe 

Your store has really good aesthetic :) I think you have done a great work. I just have some minor comments:



- The font in this pop-up banner isn't really good for readibility:Beach bound babe 2020-04-04 18-34-38.png


- You are having 2 for navigationBeach bound babe 2020-04-04 18-35-10.png



- Again, I don't think the font is friendly for the eyes, it is hard to read. Most people don't read, they just glance and scan on a store.

- I'd recommend you use Accordion to make the page looks more organized



- I don't know why you ask so many information from someone who wants to contact you. It would be the best if you ask only necessary info. Also adding some words about how many days it take for people to hear back from you can help.Contact Us – Beach Bound Babe 2020-04-04 18-46-55.png



- Featured images should have a same size for a more organized look

Collections – Beach Bound Babe 2020-04-04 18-50-38.png



- Your store's loading speed is amazing on desktop but quite poor on mobile

PageSpeed Insights 2020-04-04 18-54-55.png

Some images need to be optimized for mobile: 

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Nice job so far . I would change following

Remove trust badges
Make home banner a slide show
Condense faq
Remove powered by Shopify
Stop currency travelling up page
Add more social buttons
Remove sale badge from every item
Loses impact and appeal

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Hello @beachboundbabe, here are some suggestions you can take into consideration:-

You can give product recommendations By personalizing the consumer shopping experience through gathered data, you can give better suggestions to your customers, which will then increase the likelihood that your customers will purchase a suggested product like NEW ARRIVALS, BEST SELLERS, RECENTLY VIEWED. You can display this after the spring collection. 

- Display testimonials before InstaFeed. 

You should add a loyalty reward program to your store. You can give loyalty points to your customers on activities like on signing up, leaving a review, allowing for push notification, and visiting a store. This will help you to entice customers and will increase the number of push subscribers, email subscribers. This will also help you in collecting the review. You can send an in-email review form to your customers. This can be sent automatically.

Integration of loyalty reward program with web push notification, review, email marketing and with full automation results in wonders for the eCommerce stores. It will help you in increasing conversions and sales on your store and retain the customers for the long term. 


To implement this functionality on your Shopify store you can install It is 'All in One' Shopify app that has all the essential features in a single app. You can check it out.


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