Feedback on my lamp store appreciated :)

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Hey guys,

I have had a lamp store up and running for a couple months now. It got some sales at the start, but then the sales completely dropped to nothing, and now we are not getting much visitors or traffic to the site.

If you could provide some tips and feedback on the store and what i should improve on, thatd be much appreciated!

Also if anyone could give me any insight as to why I am facing the issue right now with minimal traffic and sales and what i should do to turn it around.

One more question i have is, what sort of marketting strategies would be best for my lamp store/specific products on the store in order to optimize sales.

Any other feedback or tips on anything i have missed would be awesome too!

my store is:

thank you very much!

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and now we are not getting much visitors or traffic to the site.

Has your note taking been good enough to go back and see if any thing correlates to this change? app added/removed, ad campaign change, hero image, theme change ,etc.

Until your established traffic is mostly generated , after that conversion is statistically like ~2% so you should do the math on that.

Turn off autoplaying videos that are not in view when the page loads, example,

websites that dont sell music but autoplay music are a pretty big user annoyance your tasted in music may not be the users , and you should audience test before doing it at all.

what sort of marketting strategies would be best for my lamp store/specific products 

Like many other starters your drop off might be related to the niche your in at first your site got noticed and shared for the novelty alone but that wore off, or you've gotten out competed by others that sprang up.

Also there seems to be kinda of a url|domain name brand mismatch(miscommunicates to users) what does "seasonalhub" have to do with lamps?

Your opening hero image is super strong!!  However a foundational thing in ecommerce:

#1 If you show a product link to the product. Drives me batty on all the sites i've seen with photos for products they don't push as 1st class citizens. Meaning avoid using products as part of a brand message without directly linking to it or selling it. At minimum conside naming the product in the hero so people can search for it when motivated. Takes a minute to figure out it's in the constellation lamp but only when i willfully dug through links|collections.

#2 VIsuals, your in a niche that can benefit from strong quick visual action shots: lights on/off, rotating ,color changes, etc . Tie to gifs or instagram, again please avoid automusic especially when it's out of view.

#3 again hero image colors doesn't quite match theme|brand colors though if possible maybe change color or "shop by category". But if that changes the color of your "view item"|cart buttons maybe not.

#4 again hero image, unless there are multipe buttons just make the whole thing a nice big clickable link dont make user pixel hunt "explore"

Nothing wrong with finding your best seller and doubling down by making it the frontpage hero with call to action while you make a better plan.

Marketing/brand/design wise if sales start going back up consider a dark mode for the site that lights up either or by user interaction , or automatically in sync with some flagship product visual.

After that try to make photography backgrounds either more consistent or in more realistic settings

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Hello @Michael_Chatha1, your store isn't opening! Please check the URL you have shared. 


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