Feedback on my lamp store please! Appreciated :)

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Hey guys,

I have had a lamp store up and running for a couple months now. It got some sales at the start, but then the sales completely dropped to nothing, and now we are not getting much visitors or traffic to the site.

If you could provide some tips and feedback on the store and what i should improve on, thatd be much appreciated!

Also if anyone could give me any insight as to why I am facing the issue right now with minimal traffic and sales and what i should do to turn it around.

One more question i have is, what sort of marketting strategies would be best for my lamp store/specific products on the store in order to optimize sales.

Any other feedback or tips on anything i have missed would be awesome too!

my store is:

thank you very much!

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Hey! I just want to say good job at making sure your product is competetive with the rest of the market, INCLUDING shipping! I wonder if personally this item was hot when it came out, but now it's losing steam because it's not as hot anymore. Are you considering diversification of your products at all? If you're going to be a drop-ship, you would want to keep on the trends as well as remain competative!

VERY NICELY built store by the way. 

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Hello, Michael! 

Karlie here from the Shopify Guru Team! I have gone through your storefront and I would be happy to offer you some feedback. At first glance I can see that your homepage is quite busy. This can make customers feel overwhelmed when looking through a storefront. So, my first thought would be to remove some of the excess graphics that you have on your homepage. Doing this will not only help drive your customers to your product, but it will also make your logo shine so that your customers will remember your brand when they go to purchase again or tell their friends.

You can start by condensing the products featured on your homepage, because you already have a ‘Catalog’ you don’t need to showcase as many products on your homepage. Condensing your featured products to those that are popular or trending would be a great start.

Some of the graphics that can be removed from your homepage would be aspects like the discount graphics below your product listing, the ‘6 GREAT REASONS TO SHOP WITH US’ icons and I would also recommend taking your social media feed and making the images smaller - so that you customers can still see them and can click onto the image to go through to your social media page.

Your ‘6 GREAT REASONS TO SHOP WITH US’ icons are great and would make a brilliant addition to your ‘About Us’ page. Touching on your 'About Us' page; I do think there are too many graphics and images on this page as well, which really takes away the message you’re trying to send out about your brand. When removing graphics and condensing your page, always think about repetition - if you’ve already clearly lined out what you need to say, no need to say it again.

Having your contact form on it’s own ‘Contact Us’ page really builds merchant to customer trust. Customers know that the majority of online websites have their own ‘Contact Us’ form, so they will most likely search for that page first when needing to reach out to you. It’s also important for you to show that you can be contacted and that you are open to conversation about orders or products.

If you’re seeing minimal traffic, then it might be a good idea to work on your SEO. SEO is search engine optimization and it would help customers to find your website and products when browsing the web. I would recommend getting started with SEO by using our following our SEO and Shopify doc first.
Checking out our Ecommerce SEO 101 Video Series can be helpful when setting up SEO as well. 

When it comes to marketing your store, there are some really decent resources that can help you out along the way. A few comes to mind when getting started with traffic and conversion, so I'll be sure to list them here: 

You had asked about marketing strategies specific to your store and niche - can I ask you what steps you have taken with marketing this far? 

Looking forward to hearing back from you! 

Shopify Guru

*Karlie* | Social Care @ Shopify
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