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I wouldlovesome feedback on my new store. I have created it myself and I'm trying to keep it simple. A set of fresh eyes over it would be wonderful!


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Header section is very long in size it’s not much great looking.
Your store home page looking, Header part covers the total page. So I suggest you can reduce it.
Have you refunded (if any issues on the product)? I suggest you can add your store refund policy, It helps for increasing of your visitors And those are trust on your store and may place order. Otherwise, Your store was Awesome!!

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Hi Hanora! Maggie, Shopify Partner here :)

Your logo is absolutely gorgeous - an illustration of a plant in the box - perfect for your store :)

Your top navigation is very user-friendly and well-optimized, which is perfect.

Consider adding more content to your homepage - it’s a great way to engage with your visitors and keep them browsing for longer [which is an important ranking factor for Google].

Add some featured products, promo image or a slideshow [below the navigation] to allow your customers click through and browse different sections of your store. You can use one of your product images for the promo banner, or source a royalty free image from Unsplash.

Find an example of a promo image that would work great on your website:

I used one of the Unsplash images and added info about a benefit of purifying power of succulents. It’s a great way to improve your conversion: highlight the benefits of the plants and the values they will bring to the customers’ homes. CTA [call to action] is also here [~Shop Now] prompting people to click and shop. It’s a great way to encourage people to keep browsing your products. Here’s how your homepage will look with this image:

It’s engaging and inviting to browse. You can then link the image to your Shop page.

Your collection page and product page look excellent - you have Add to Cart button displayed above the fold, plenty of unique images and SEO friendly product descriptions - perfect.

Your About page is fantastic - I love the unique content and a short quotation that matches your niche. Consider also adding a photo [or illustrated version to match the logo] of yourself and your team - that’s a great way to build a connection and trust with your visitors. People prefer shopping from online retailers they trust, so adding even bit more info about yourself can help you with your conversion rate.

Make sure to make this page SEO friendly, by adding internal links, H tags and optimized Google snippet. Learn how to SEO your Shopify pages in this video tutorial:

Your Shipping page is excellent - I’m glad you didn’t use the generic Shopify policy here, considering you are shipping plants. You explain the process, how the plants are wrapped, and it really does build trust - after reading this page, people will feel very confident shopping with you, as they can trust your knowledge, authority in the niche and the professional approach. Perfect!

Consider also adding info regarding returns - what if a plant arrives damaged and people would need a refund? How does the process work? Will they have to ship the item back, or can you arrange a collection/exchange or a refund without returning the plant? People will be curious about the policy in case of anything goes pear-shaped.

Consider also adding a blog with tips on how to care for each plant and about the benefits of the succulents for health etc. It’s a another great way to connect with your visitors, engage, show your knowledge and keep them on your website for longer.

Videos also work great - you can create your own videos, or share some YouTube videos on your blog [embed them on your website], showing how to look after the succulents, how to water them etc. People who watch the video on your website, will stay on your site for the full length of the video, which is a powerful way to improve your Google rank.

Google pays attention to how long people stay on your website, as it assumes they find your website valuable. Google will then push it higher up the search results, as it wants to show the most valuable content first. Videos are then a great way to boost your Google rank.

Additionally, blog posts and videos can bring extra traffic from the search engines from people who want to learn more about the succulents - if they visit your website and find the content valuable, they’d be happy to share it with their friends, and also buy from you, when they are ready to shop. Blogging regularly can then help you bring more relevant traffic at a relatively small cost.

Contact page - consider using as a template for this page in your Shopify admin, so the contact form is displayed automatically. This way people can contact you directly from your website.

Make sure to use a professional email address [such as] instead of gmail one. It’s a great way to build trust as an established business. You can create a custom email address matching your domain with G-Suite - learn how to do it here:

Consider also hyperlinking your email address for a 1-click-contact. Learn how to do it now:


If you’d like to learn more on how to improve your conversion rate and create a marketing strategy for your niche, make sure to book your 60 minutes consultation today. I can then prepare a custom strategy for you, which you can use when promoting your products. Click here to book your consultation today:

Hope it helps, and if you have any questions regarding optimizing your website, please email me at

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Thank you both for your feedback, I'm currently working to make improvements.I really appreciate you both taking the time to have a look and provide me with very valuable advice. Thank you! Hanora