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Thanks, AiTrillion

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Hey @!


Cal here from Shopify, thanks for reaching out to us. I've taken a look at your site and I think you've done a really great job on it. The branding, the color scheme and the general user experience on the site is really pleasant. 


In terms of feedback there are only a couple of little things I'd love to see on the site:


  • Given that your product is all about a reflective, sensory experience with a high-quality candle, I think demonstrating that experience with some sort of promotional video to set the tone would be incredible. The product photography is incredible, so I think a video of some customers providing feedback would be amazing. 
  • Leading on from that, I want to read more testimonials, either from bloggers or long-form reviewers on the site. I can't experience the product myself first hand, so I need others to paint a picture of the experience for me. Customer reviews are great but tend to be a little on the brief side. Sending out some test products to some influencers might be a great way to do this. 


I believe the above would be useful for increasing conversions on the site. How are you currently marketing the business? 

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G'day Cal,


This is great feedback, thank you. I intend on making video content, though it is a touch on the pricey side so will need to be something that I do in due course... Please let me know if you recommend any apps to connect with video producers that can make light-weight video content without a huge price tag.


On the product reviews, great suggestion, I will get onto this :)


Thank you,

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Hi @Daniel161 


Really good job on launching your store. I think there isn't a ton to change, but I'm going to nitpick anyways, because there is always room for improvement :D.


One thing to consider is adding reviews. If you add reviews it will help keep your customers on your site. If your customer needs to leave your site to do research on a product they might not come back, adding reviews can help with that.


Also I noticed that you don't have a blog. If you had a blog you would be able to drive more organic traffic to your store, plus it would help establish yourself as an expert.


Also I noticed that you don't have a sense of urgency. By using urgency, you can make your visitors feel like they are missing out unless they order immediately. The 'Fear of Missing Out' that they experience, will increase your ability to convert them into buyers. One app that can help you with that is . It really can make a big difference in getting your customers to buy from you


An important thing I couldn't find is an always visible buy button. One of the biggest reasons people don't buy from online stores is because it's a hassle to checkout. We want to be able to reduce all friction that could potentially cause a customer not to buy. I recommend adding to your site. It's an app that will make your buy button always visible. If they buy button isn't always visible on your site, your customer will have a hard time trying to buy from you. And even if they still are able to checkout, it can go a long way in helping them have a positive experience on your site.


Nice job on your all of your hard work so far, and I'm sure that just a few minor changes will really help.

By the way, I created an email course at (I'm not selling anything) that might help you optimize your store.

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