Feedback on my new store, MG Bands

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Hi Everyone!


I have recently started my online brands MG Bands. MG Bands specialises in resistance bands for exercise. The website can be found at


I would appreciate any feedback whatsoever, as I am looking to add as much value to my brand as possible. 


Please share your first impression of the brand/store, as well as anything you would like improved!


Also please feel free to have a look at our socials in the footer of the page.


I really appreciate it!


- Mario

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Hi Mario!

You have such a great start on your site. I can tell how much work you’ve put in, and all of the extra touches you’ve added. Great job! 


My first impression of your website is nice. On mobile and desktop, it looks clean and professional. I also really like that your site automatically detects my location and asks to update the currency. That’s a great touch.

A few easy changes:

  • Make sure your social links in the footer open to a new tab instead of in the same tab (as it is currently)
  • Add a live chat support. You need to have a way for shoppers to get in touch with you while they are still on your site. You have a contact page with your email (which needs to be linked), but that’s not enough. But that’s not enough. In one study, 53% of customers said they would abandon their online purchases if they couldn't find quick answers to their questions. 
  • Add a conversion to your product measurements.


Visitor behavior is going to be the driver of other changes on your website. For example, does the black banner and CTA stand out enough to promote your free shipping and first CTA on your homepage? If you used heatmaps, which show you where people click and scroll, you could better analyze changes.

I would also test your lower portion of the homepage. In “Evolution of Exercise,” the photo doesn’t include a resistance band. I like the copy of both it and “Train Anywhere and Anytime,” but is it needed? Could you instead add some resistance-band exercises or a guide that will help shoppers figure out what size of band they need? 


Use heatmaps and session recordings (to watch what happened during someone’s visit) to see how you could improve that navigation. 


Again, I can’t stress enough how much you need to add a live chat option. I’m a huge believer in auto invites. You set up the system to trigger a chat invite when someone meets certain criteria. In your case, I would suggest inviting people who spend more than 60 seconds on your product page. It’s more engaging than just having a chat icon in a corner. 


Understanding your customers is going to only help your business grow. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, recordings, chat and more with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month.

You’ve got this, Mario. I had no doubt that you’re on the way to an amazing website. Let us know how it goes!

Cheers - Danny

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Thank you so much! Can i just ask, what do you mean by add a conversion to my product measurement?