Feedback on my new store - any and all welcome!

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This is my new store for my headphone amplifiers that I make.


Please have a look, any and all feedback and criticism is welcome!

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Hi, @AskewLabs


My name is Rae and I work for Shopify. Thank you for reaching out for feedback on your store, and welcome to the Shopify Community! 


I really like the theme you've selected to use on your store. It suits your product type very well, and has a lot of great sections that help explain and showcase your product on the homepage - which is excellent. I'm also glad to see that you've created a custom logo for your site. The minimalistic style of this logo matches your branding really well and looks fantastic. 


One thing I do recommend is changing up the colour scheme on your theme. The bright blue/green colour that's used throughout is a bit difficult to look at, and might cause problems for customers trying to read the text on your site. The lighter blue/grey colour used in your announcement bar might be a nice option to use instead, or possibly a red hue to match your product packaging. 


I also noticed that a few images have been used multiple times in different sections on your homepage, as well as some text like 'Made in the UK' and 'Designed by UK engineers' appears to be a bit repetitive. With this in mind, I suggest using each promotional image only once on your homepage, and also removing some of the redundant text. This will ensure your homepage is informative and concise, without containing too much duplicated information that customers may just skim over. 


It's great to see the policies and pages linked in your footer, as these will often be used by customers, so it's important to ensure they're easily accessibly. On your 'About' page though, it would be interesting to see some more information about your company, how it started, and what drove your passion to develop these products. These details can bring a more human aspect to your brand, and they can also help drive a deeper customer connection to your company and your products. For more information on this, check out this blog post


Lastly, do you have any social media pages for your business? If so, it's a great idea to link these pages to the footer in your site by following these steps. If you don't have these pages already, I really recommend building them as they can be used for marketing purposes, and also to increase customer trust and awareness in your brand. Creating a Facebook business page, as well as an Instagram business account is a great place to start. 


This information should get you on the right track, but if you have any questions or concerns please let me know. 

Rae | Social Care @ Shopify
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Thanks Rae, very useful feedback, I've changed some of the pictures and will be thinking hard about a different colour theme. :)


I'm also going to be working on a better About page, so thanks for highlighting that.

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Congratulation for your store. I think you should go for this type of design


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