Feedback on my newly launched store please/

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Hi Guys,

I just launched my store on the 9th of August and made 2 sales so far, however for some reason I do not have many visitors, and right now nothing happening in my store. Could I ask you for your feedback, please!

Thank you

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Hi @KChic1

Have seen your store and see some problems here: 

- Your store is having too much layouts. Like this example below, there are 3 layouts. This will make your customers quite immediately when they see those banners. Just maximum 2 layouts. 


- Saperate them. For example, you can create a new arrived and discounted products. Don't put all together, your customers won't know what they need to focus on. 


- I think it shouldn't automatically scroll. You can let your customers to that. 


And your store is a boutique store, so I think a shoppable gallery is a good option to increase sales. Check this app, it will help you do that: Shopppable Instagram Gallery

- Your texts are quite small, especially the product titles. You need to make it bigger. 


- You need to have your own story, why you start this business for example. Add the story on the homepage and create saperated one. 

Just try to make a site where all sections, pages and parts are fittable, it's important. 

Hope this helps!

Happy selling, 

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