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anything that you guys like and  anything that can help me


Hi @cashant23 


Couple little things I'd add or change. 


  • Add Logo To Checkout 
  • Change Color of Footer 
  • Home Page Featured Product (I wouldn't show the description)
  • Home Page Image With Text (I'd add call to action button)
  • Home Page Instagram feed (only if you have good images)


Overall you have done a pretty good job here and should be proud of yourself. Keep up the good work. 



Clayton Bates 

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Since you have a single product store I would suggest you focus on the home page layout. Add some videos related to your product. It will create a classic home page. I wanted to get back to what it means to build a website. Of course, your homepage is the shop window for your e-commerce business. So, naturally, you want to build a “beautiful” website. However, as you’re selling just one product, you’ll really have to make the most of your page. In order to sell your single product, you have to know who your audience is. To have your single product succeed, it either has to be very unique or it has to be targeted towards a specific niche.

1. Make use of pop-ups to greet your customers. I would personally recommend you to go for a 45-sec-pop-up at the entry. Conversion rates for pop-ups are high and the most surprising discovery is that the pop up doesn't increase bounce rate at all. This is ample time for your audience to get hooked by your content, whilst also being quick enough to catch skimmers before they leave.

2. You can use web-push notifications. Web Browser Push Notification is undoubtedly an effective marketing communication channel and what sets this apart from other marketing methods is that it is not restricted to marketing and promotional purpose only. It can be used to deliver useful information, abandoned cart alerts, order status updates, product back-in-stock alerts, etc.

3. By providing links to your social media accounts, you can encourage shoppers to follow you and share your business and products with their friends and followers. This can increase your reach when marketing new products, announcing sales, or running special events. You can include links to your different social media accounts (like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram) on your storefront. These are typically displayed in your store's footer, but the location may vary depending on your theme. You can add loyalty points and referrals, it increases repeat purchase and customer lifetime value with points and rewards that give customers more reasons to return to your store. Encourage them to Share and Refer their friends to your store. It will help you to collect & display customer reviews, photos, and Q&A, to increase your trust as well as conversion rate. This will help in engaging your visitors and converting them into paying customers.

4. Give try to some engagement tools once you bring the traffic from ads you need to engage the traffic or else it will lead to a high bounce rate. Make use of advanced email marketing, loyalty rewards, reviews + Q&A, web push notifications, workflow automation, smart pop-ups, announcement bar, chatbot, product recommendations. Make use of artificial intelligence to reach your customers. I can suggest more if you need.

Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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Hi there! Maggie, Shopify Expert here :)


Good looking store :) Consider optimizing the featured promo images for the conversion - add a CTA [call to action] such as 'Shop now' button to each one, and link to a relevant product or a collection:


Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 19.22.02.png



It will make it easier for visitors to click to the item they like and buy, which will improve your conversion rate.  Hope it helps!


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Best regards,


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Hi @cashant23,


Nick here from Shopify. 


Really great work on your store so far. It looks really clean and professional. There are a couple of small things which I would look to add to help take it to the next level. Let's take a look at them below:


  • The first thing I noticed is there is no About Us page. I think an About Us page would help tell your story and your why, which can help connect with your store visitors and audience. People are more likely to take the leap of a sale when they have a connection with a brand. Asking questions such as "Why would someone buy a skincare product from us over another brand? A lot of other skincare brands don't have that personal touch or feeling to them and I feel this is where you could be different to them. The content team at Shopify wrote a blog article about "How to Write a Persuasive About Us Page" which might be worth your while reading. You can see it here.
  • Something else which I think could really benefit you is to start a Blog for the store. You could write about things such as the benefits of skincare, some demo videos of how to apply it and general stories from the industry, new product launches and what they are exactly. It will greatly help your SEO as well as offer more for store visitors to experience when they are on the store keeping them there longer. You can see how to add a blog here and a blog post from the Shopify content team with the benefits of blogging here
  • The last thing I would suggest to do is to create and link some social media channels to your store. Social media will again help your SEO but also add even more legitimacy to your store. You can use social media to show off new products, engage with potential customers and share other content such as blog posts. It's some I would definitely recommend. You can see how to add social media channels to your store by taking the following steps - Store Admin > Online Store > Themes > Customize > Theme Settings > Social 19-12-3kmln-nd31g

Hopefully, this helps and points you in the right direction on your next steps! 


All the best, Nick

Nick | Community Moderator @ Shopify
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