Feedback on my shop please

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Looking for ideas and feedback on how to improve my store and turn visitors into buyers as quickly as possible...


Hi few suggestions. 


Main Menu: To much is going on here. I think you should have Products tab with drop down menu also add "about us" and "contact" pages 


How to build contact page CLICK HERE 


Logo: looks cool just doesn't really match the feel of your site. 


Text: Looks good just hard to read. 


Footer: Add privacy policy's i.e terms of service , return policy , shipping policy. 



Clayton Bates 

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I absolutely love your products :) I agree with Clayton regarding the logo - it looks a bit dated; consider getting a professionally designed logo to build trust and credibility.

Font matters too - the default font you currently use in your main menu and throughout the website is a bit difficult to read. That can affect your usability score [part of Google rank]. Google pays attention to how website is accessible for all users - even those visually impaired. Consider getting a sans-serif based font [the most user-friendly font to use online] as they usually score as the most readable. 

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Ok so this is going to come across as harsh but please hear me out... your site needs totally trashed and redone. Google the top 100 biggest Shopify stores. Do any of them look like they were built in 1999? Yours does.

You need to completely go back to the drawing board with your color choices, logo, font, etc.

People who become customers trust a site or a company. Since no one has ever heard of you they have to go off how your site looks... and it looks bad.

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You already have the concept, it's great and unique. But you need to re-assess your store, I suggest that you use The Ultimate Guide To Start Building Your Dropshipping Business from Importify's website. It covers everything you need to know to be successful at launching your dropshipping store.

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The store concept is good. But color of the theme, fonts and design is not user-friendly. As a user, it is very difficult for me to find a good user experience.


Improvement areas:

1. Font, Design, and UX

2. Add blog Section

3. Add other pages like: Privacy Policies, Term and Condition etc.


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Thank you all for the feedback. I am going to do a total rework of everything and make it look more professional and add the pages mentioned. I already planned to put those on it just havent gotten around to them yet.