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Would love to hear what the community have to say - we joined Shopify from Magneto back in November 19 and we are enjoying it so far! Any tips or advice for great apps etc I'd love to hear, we're a family owned and run Golf brand based in the UK and are learning how to drive our online presence every day. Golf is generally quite a traditional industry, so we have an opportunity with a great online store and product to make an impact.


I'd be really interested to find out the following from the community:-

- What are we about?

- Do you feel the brand - rather than this just being a shop?

- What demographic does this appeal to?

- On product pages, do you get excited about the product or just same old stuff

- Any smart ways of improving the user journey


Thanks so much everyone. 



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Hello Tamasineg


Bunker-Mentality looks fabulous. The homepage is elegant and minimal. I like that approach. It makes sure the shopper isn't too confused when they reach you store.


To me, your team is about golf lovers who on one hand have stuck to their roots and on the other hand design for golfers around the world! This would cater to men from economically stronger sections since golf is still an elite sport in many parts of the world. 


In your product catalogue too, you've maintained a uniformity, which is great. Suggested combinations are a good way of improving sales too. What I did miss was some kind of an urgency or engagement that will help me select the best option and also push me to buy the products. These days you have apps of the Shopify app store like ModeMagic that help you in achieving this. You can use them to show some kind of urgency or offers etc. on your product images.


The more a product catches the eye of a shopper, the more likely are they to buy the products faster.


You could also add some kind of reviews or testimonials of people who loved your brand. That shows that your products are of great quality and can be trusted.


Do let me know if this works out. Stay safe 

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