Feedback on my store (first time user)

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I would be grateful for any and all feedback regarding all aspects of my website/store;  This is my first time doing any of this so I'm sure there are some issues I'm not seeing.

Many thanks in advance, Wendy 


Hi Wendy. Walter from microDev here (Shopify Partner).


Firstly, congratulations on creating your first store! It is always a scary step to take and well done on getting through it.

I did not look through your store in too much detail, but here are a few comments I will make to help you improve it:
1) Having white text on your navigation and header can be dangerous when using a transparent header. Make sure your photos are always dark enough to read the text clearly. I would recommend adding an overlay on the header images to make them darker, maybe 40-50% transparent.

2) The light green color on some of your text and the outlines of your secondary button style can be quite hard to read against the white background at times. Consider using a slightly darker shade of green or a different highlight color.

3) On the same note as above, the dark green color used on your Sale Icons for some products is very difficult to see and does not attract any attention. I would recommend making this a catchy color which stands out and which universally means "sale" to most users. Something along the lines of red or orange.

4) Similar to the above again, your side-cart has some darker green outlines on it which are difficult to see. It would be better to either make that green a lot darker or use a different color to highlight them.

5) When you click the "Add to cart" button, the button ends up with the border changed to blue. You may want to get rid of this.

6) Your home page is very simply and a little bit bare. I think it would be great to add some borders around your collection cards and break your sections a little with different background colors to make it a little more interesting. Also it could definitely use a short description about you or your business too so that users understand what your website is all about!


All in all, it's a great first attempt and functionally seems to work well. I think by putting a little bit of time into your color palette and ensuring you are using good highlight, background and general colors that compliment each other will go a far way in improving the feel of the site.


If you would like any help in further customizing your website or any other support, feel free to drop me an email at and I'd be happy to see how we could help.

Keep it up!

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Thank you. These are all good suggestions (some of which I thought I'd implemented previously but apparently forgot to save - doh!)

Cheers, Wendy


Hi Wendy 


It's extremely important to be consistent throughout your website and give the visitor a great feeling about your website and brand. Here are some areas that need to be addressed ASAP. 

  • Home Page (Needs to Flow Well)
  • Product Page (needs all information about product and build trust)
  • Site Navigation (Simple And Easy) 
  • Mobile Friendly 

I'll email your a more detailed review now going over how to improve the above also. Should receive that in next couple minutes. 


Overall good start. Keep up the good work.



Clayton Bates 

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