Feedback on my store , help needed !

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although my website is not new, it has been up and running since Febuary , I own a wig studio and Eco Salon and all my time and investment so far has gone into getting my business off the ground , the website was to me just a useful way of getting information across with regards my business and kind of took a back seat to my actual shop but now I'm left frustrated as I realize the biggest sales revenue I get is from the website so it's an area I want to invest time in and market well and see if I can really drive traffic to my site and generate sales , my daily traffic is really poor and my sales have only averaged 1 or 2 a month !!! Wigs is niche but their are plenty of online wig shops who do extremely well I just seem to be doing it all wrong and no qlue what to do , is it my website ? Any feedback would be welcome ! 

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Hi Kerrylouise,

My name is Ciarán, I'm a Shopify Support Guru.

So its great you're going to put more time into your website, I have guides and tips that might prove useful.

If you have a customer base already, look at apps like Mailchimp to send out newsletters to previous customers and potential customers to get them to your site. (apps like Privy can help you build that customer base and collect emails)

Apps like Kit—Shopify App Store Digital Marketing Expert and Retargeting on Autopilot by Shoelace can help create Adverts on your behalf. Very powerful apps.

Also look at our blog section that has some really useful tips for driving traffic to your store. Some of my favourites and ones you might find useful are:

Looking at your store, ensure all product photos are the same size, we have a guide that runs through that here: Images and Image Tips.

Also other than the first page, I found it had to see products. You should make a "Shop Now" page, where as a customer, I can find products to purchase right away. The catalog page you have is hidden under "More". You want to make it as easy as possible for customers to buy.

I hope that helps, good luck with your store!

All the best,

Ciarán H | Shopify Guru

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Hi Kerrylouise! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

  • I love your logo, very creative and reflects your branding – wigs.
  • Website background is quite dark, which would be great, if you had other design elements very light to create a contrast – navigation bar, buttons, sliding images etc. Otherwise it feels like you wanted to adjust the light settings in a browser. Make sure to re-style your color palette to add more contrast and improve your UX [user experience].
  • Change the layout of the sliding images from portrait to landscape, and make them at recommended width. Show your wigs, link to particular products and encourage visitors to click with a strong CTA.
  • Homepage content – I love that you add bit of personality here, yet consider having a shorter content on a homepage and a full version of it on About us page, Otherwise it can cause unnecessary scrolling to a user wanting to get to the store policies in the footer.
  • Consider getting a professional email address instead of yahoo.
  • House of Louise Wigs – links to your story page. Consider putting a link to your collections here [key place next to a Home link], in order to improve your conversion. People expect to find certain elements in certain spots when browsing online – and the top navigation is best dedicated for your products, while company info can be placed in the footer.
  • After spending 10 minutes browsing your site I still didn’t find a page with your products – if you are selling online, make sure to make this part of your website stand out. Also I noticed few typos. Drop down menu [under “More” has Reviews page with a typo].


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