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Hi Everyone


I want feedback for my print on demand store (products and website designed by me only) on following things:


1. UX

2. designs

3. price

4. why no sales?


I have already run facebook marketing add for 20 days but got no sales. 

I have tried following apps but they did no good and decreased performance efficiency only of my store. 

Apps tried so far

1. AAA commerce

2. Ai trillion

3. Limespot

4. Smart offers

5. Smart web push marketing

6. Whatsocial

7. Jivosite

8. Offered Discounts of 5 and 10%

9. Profit margin kept 15-20% only


Any suggestions or steps to be taken to trigger sales would really help me out.





Hi Shruti 


Designs: Think you need to work on this little more. Feel like there is to many products on your home page. You want the home page to give a good feeling and to show what you're all about with out trying to sell to the visitors so much. 


Price: Check ebay and amazon to see what others are selling items for. Get a feeling for what people are willing to pay. 


Why no sales: One thing I noticed on your t-shirt is they don't have a drop down many for SIZE. This could be a reason for some of the no sales. 


Apps: I feel like you don't need so many apps when you first start out and having heaps of apps can sometimes slow down your website. 


Overall I think you're of to good start. Keep up the good work. I also emailed you something special. 



Clayton Bates 

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