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Hi everyone - I'd be grateful to receive constructive feedback on my store:  onedot3 is an ethical clothing brand that uses profits to fund water projects globally.  I really want to "turbo" it so it can produce meaningful impact on the world but I'm struggling to get adequate traction.


A couple of points to provide where I'm at:


1. My store is struggling with sales/conversion as well as sustained traffic.  If I post on Instagram with a CTA to visit the site or run a Facebook ad, I get a surge of traffic.  However, none of these lead towards a sale.  Traffic drops off soon after these interventions.


2. I have twenty products for males and females, each.  Only about 1 or 2 SKUs would get views.


3. My "about" page as well as pages that talk about the brand and its impact get traffic - yet those who view those pages don't convert.


I'd love to get feedback on the store, specifically on the following points:

1. Brand, messaging and language - How well does it resonate with you?

2. Products and imagery - What do you think about them?

3. Site UX - How do you find the navigation experience 

4. Would you buy from this store/brand? Why or why not?

5. Any other comments/feedback