Feedback on my store please. GOLF APPAREL!

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I am the owner of the company, I started this site in 2018 and haven’t had any luck. Haven’t even made my first sale. I have been using Printful as my main source of products but I’ve noticed they’re limited. For example, being a golf brand I would like to have different styles of polo shirts, they have only two colors and a very cheap feeling style.
I redesigned my store to give it a more simple look and restarted the instagram photos. Main things that i know, and additionally questions and concerns I have are the following;
1.) I know my About Us page needs some work. It’s very vague and doesn’t really tell a story. If anybody could give some tips or feedback on that, I would appreciate it.

2.) I know that I need to eventually switch to product photos that aren’t computer stock images provided by Printful, but I have seen a lot of successful stores that use these kinds of images so I will leave it like this for a bit.
3.) Is there a different option out there that’s easy to use that isn’t Printful? I want different variety and want to be able to give customers what I actually want to provide, other than just my direct-to-garment drop shopping Shopify app that’s available.
4.) Being a golf brand, I know customers are looking for quality. A lot of golf brands have ridiculously expensive items like $40+ t-shirts or $100+ crewneck sweaters. My store has $25 tshirts, $35 sweatshirts/hoodies but they’re Bella+canvas and Gildan. Will customers look at the Gildan tag on their $35 sweatshirt and notice that it’s a cheaper brand? Or is it just because I’ve developed an eye for certain products because I’ve studied retail and e-commerce? Printful has really nice Champion brand sweaters and crewnecks that start at $39 to buy and I would have to charge $60+ to make an okay profit per item. The quality will be there but convincing a customer to buy a $60 sweater is the challenging part. Debating on having higher priced quality products, or just decent priced cheaper brands for my store?

Can someone give me some feedback on my store from a golfer’s perspective? And also from just someone just who knows e-commerce in general? any tips they’re willing to provide?

Thank you so much

Hi @RayB0123,


I got you a few comments about your store.


1. Your home page is where you tell customers what your brand is about, what you're selling. I don't see that. Please add more info to your homepage. You can add text to this hero section - describe what's your store is about, what you offer. Would be much clear for your visitors




2. Your About Us page


Yes, sure, as your question, your About Us is too simple and can not give trusts to your customers, please provide media such as images, videos to tell your story rather than plain text. Using heading to emphasize your company Vision, Mission, Goals, etc.


3. Product page


Your quantity number is white color, change it to a viewable color

Give your product more credibility with Product reviews, testimonial, or Video, Image, Story in it. 


3. Make sure to customize your page on Mobile, Tablet layout. Nowadays people often shop online on mobile devices so if your page layout in mobile is broken, that would hugely affect your business.


I hope you find this helpful

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Hi @RayB0123 


Shopify is all a learning curve. I'm sure if you put some of the suggestions in place you will finally make your first sale. 


Few areas you need to improve ASAP

  • Home Page (needs to flow)
  • Product Page (needs all information and build trust)
  • Site Navigation (Simple)
  • Checkout (consistent)
  • Mobile Friendly 

Overall of to good start. I'll email you a more detailed review now also. Keep up the good work.



Clayton Bates 


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Hi @RayB0123 


I am not into golf myself, however, I have worked with some golf apparel selling sites previously. Something that comes to my mind when I think of golf store is professionalism and dynamism. That is why I recommend selling more of pricier items but with the better quality. I believe people go into golf knowing that it will cost a pretty penny. 


Here are some of my recommendations: 

- Little benchmarking never hurt nobody. Simply search for sites that offer similar things as you and get inspired from them. 

-Implement an opportunity to log in and sign up using Social Media account. We all have accounts at least in one social media. And if I have an opportunity to create an account just with one click, I will do it. having an easier way to Sign in will help you gather customer base. The most valuable thing for a company is the customer

-Add dynamic images/posters with information. The ones that you have look like basic photos and do not drive attention. 

-Replace the basic Instagram with Instagram galleries that way when a visitor clicks on the posts does not get thrown out from your site to the app itself. 

-I assume you are a golf lover yourself, so if you have some free time, start blogging that way keeping your visitors interested. 


 For better functionality I recommend using Growave. We offer a strong marketing tool that offers 10 features within. Here are some, Social Login, Discounts, Rewards, Reviews etc. 


Hopefully, I managed to help you, if so please let me know by liking this post. 


Best of luck! 




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@RayB0123, you need to make your store more professional in order to increase the conversion rate. Make your store engaging and attractive enough so customers will stay and browse for a longer duration on your store and will end up purchasing. What make the customer to purchase a product? 

Here are some improvements that you need to do in your store:-

1. Home Page should flow better. I would recommend setting it out like this. 

-Slideshow Image 

-Collection List  

-Popular Products ( 4-8 Max ) I would only use 4


- Instafeed

-Newsletter sign up box

2.  Make your store interactive for more conversions. Add an attractive smart pop-up. Add web push notifications, they are clickable rich content messages sent to your device by a website or a web app. It can be delivered to your device, mobile or desktop, even when the user is not on your website. It can be used in retargeting with push notifications include browse abandonment, retargeting users abandoning the shopping cart, activating dormant users with offers, retaining users with personalized content and more.

3. Start using a loyalty program to entice your customers. It will help you build a loyal customer base. You can give loyalty points to your customers on activities like signing up, allowing for web push notifications, make a purchase, visiting a store and many more.

This will help in doubling the sales as when you give loyalty points to your customers they will come again on your store to make a purchase in order to redeem those points. You can give rewards to your customers to redeem those points.

4. Add a Live chatbot to make sure you never lose any of your customers. 


To implement these tools in your store to increase conversions you can install It is 'All in One' Shopify app that has all the essential features in a single app and is a fully integrated app.  Plus you don't need to install multiple apps. You can check it out. I am sure you will find it useful.

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