Feedback on my store please! Great traffic few sales.

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My store is it is an Outdoors recreation supply shop. It also ties into some product reviews that I've been posting on Facebook live. I am not a designer by any means. I started this line of business after a long banking and then medical career. 

It is a drop-shipping business as I simply don't have the funds to hold inventory or develop products. I've already run a few ads through Facebook and am getting great response and have identified my market. The issue is they don't convert. 

Along with the feedback I would like to ask advice. Would it be better to receive the feedback and try to implement the changes myself or hire an expert? As I said I'm not a programmer and time is of the essence.

Thank You for all of your feedback.

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Hey AA50! 


Congratulations on your shop! I took a look at your store and I have the following suggestions that may help out!


1. Most people will buy from smaller stores when they have something unique to offer. If I were a camper, I would love to find a store that offers a bundle deal of sorts. For instance, you can group products into camping experience level. (Beginners Recreation Bundle - Tent, water bottle, camping food;  Intermediate Experienced Bundle - Tent, Water filter, cooking tools, etc;  Advanced Explorer Bundle - everything in the first two bundles, knives, tripod, etc.) You can also use this as a marketing campaign to say you have packages that fit everyone. 


2. Purchase a domain name. They are relatively inexpensive and they will give your site far more credibility.


3. Put some videos to add movement and life to your site. I'm sure your manufacturers have great videos that can be used on your site. 


4. Get someone on Upwork or Fiverr to revamp your logo. 


Hopefully, these quick suggestions add some spice to your site and are inexpensive enough to stay within your budget requirements. Best of luck!


Hi @AA50 

I would love to provide some recommendations for your store.




1, Logo store

- I recommend you should not leave the blank in the header. You should put the Logo's store to prevent the blank and the logo should be bigger. 

Start the Adventure HERE! – Adventures After 50 2020-04-13 08-44-35.png


2, The Slideshow

- Basically, the slideshow is good but you should add a call to action button in each slide so customers can take action with these buttons, this helps to increase conversion rate. 

3, Add Testimonials

- The product/ collection pages are pretty good but I recommend you should add a testimonial section to show the product's reviews. You can use some review apps such as Ali Reviews, Judgeme, Opiniew, Loox, etc. 

4, Add an About us page 

- An About us page is highly recommended to your store to show customers who you are and give them a general view of your store. You can tell story here and put a call to action button to increase the conversion rate. 

5, The Contact us page

- Currently, when I scroll down to the footer, I can see the Contact us page. This page should be placed on the menu header so customers can see it immediately. You can also add a Newsletter section on the homepage (above the footer) so customers can insert their emails on.



I have to say that your page speed is pretty good on the desktop view, but you should notice on the mobile view as well. You can optimize some images and check some unused code. 

You can see more here and

Here is the article talking about page speed and how to speed up your page, you can check for more details. 


They are just some of my comments. I've gotta leave now. But if you have more questions on other pages type, you can leave your question is this topic, I'll be sure to answer :)


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Hi there! Maggie, Shopify Expert here :)


Your store looks fantastic and you already have a defined niche, which is perfect.

Consider optimizing your sliding images further - add a CTA [call to action] button to each image, such as "Shop Now" linking to a relevant collection or product:


Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 10.33.35.png



This way you will prompt visitors to click and browse your collections, which will improve your conversion rate [sales] and SEO [dwell time/time spent on your website].


Refund policy - consider writing a unique policy here instead of featuring default Shopify policy, which mentions items you are not selling:


Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 10.34.35.png


It will help you build trust, tailor the content to your own store and avoid any duplicate content issues, which might affect your Google rank.


Social media icons - make sure to open the icons in new tabs, so you don’t lose the valuable traffic. Please see how to do it in this helpful guide:



If you'd like a more detailed critique, request free audit here:


Here are a few guides that might help:



Best regards,


Shopify Expert | Ecommerce SEO Wizard

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Thank you for the feedback. I've been making efforts to utilize this feedback a little at a time. I uploaded the TinyIMG app which helped significantly improve my results on the pagespeed site now scoring 92/100. I've also just added CTA on the slideshow. I was able to connect to my subdomain at which I hope helps and have an appointment to discuss SEO improvements. I appreciate your help. Of course anything that requires more than beginner level coding I've avoided :).

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I also personalized the return process by deleting was simply wasn't applicable and adding examples that definitely are within the scope of the store. 

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I'm working on the same product of my water filter with Shopify store. I also want to integrate the same feature in my store for better user experience.

You can see here my store.


hi @AA50 i like you store and your items. they look awesome.

Did you try remarketing with your visitors? I think 99% did not buy goods with only one interaction with any site. Customers whats to think, lool for an alternative, or simply forget about you. So remarketing will attract them back to your site.

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