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My store has been open for several weeks.  I am having a great deal of trouble connecting to Facebook and Google.  But that is another story.  I would really like for comments on my store.  looks, products, what ever seems viable.  I have about 100 product and would like to make changes now, before it becomes a real hassle to make any changes.  Thank you in advance.  Jewelry by Sande Gene

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Hi @MCAjewelry!

That’s a frustrating situation to be in. It’s tough when you put all that work into your store and don’t see a lot of results. You make homemade jewelry, which adds such a personal, neat level to your store. 


I would clean up your homepage. Your logo is pretty blurry and hard to read, so it may be time to give it an update. The hero image needs a call to action button, and I would also use a different photo. You have such amazing products, and you have a chance to really sell it!

If you aren’t using any visitor behavior tools, I would start now. Heatmaps (to see where people click and scroll) and recordings (to watch what happened during a visit) can help you see what’s stopping people from converting. Where are they getting tripped up? You can filter to specific traffic sources, so you may find that Facebook doesn’t generate the conversions like Instagram.

For your homepage, use heatmaps to see how far they scroll and where they’re clicking. As an example, I would be interested to see if they are clicking on your seed bead loom bracelet. It’s gorgeous, and they may think that if they click on it, they can buy it. Since it’s not linked, you’re missing out on those sales! 


Also, right before your footer, you have an image slide template placeholder. I would get rid of that.

A minor fix: Make sure your social media links open in a new tab. 


Navigation and product pages
I like your menu bar - it’s straight to the point. Watch the header images for the collections - it’s really hard to read the green on top of the image, and the images aren’t necessarily selling the product for you. Watch a few session recordings to see how people navigate around your store and how they scroll. 


For your Catalog page, I would recommend cleaning up your product filter. There are some things, like cabochon or brick stitch, that some people don’t know. Instead, I would filter by things like jewelry type, color, price, metal, etc. Make it easier for them to find that awesome product!

For the product pages, I like you’re upfront about shipping costs and explain a lot about the product. Other than bulleting your list, you’re on the right track here. 


I would use models for your photos - at least some of them. Also, some of the photos get a little blurry, especially when they focus up close on the jewelry. A macro lens may help you here. 


For your store, you don’t need reviews for the products. Obviously, you only have one in-stock product, so you can’t generate reviews like that. I would add a review option for your store though. In your purchase confirmation email, invite customers to leave their feedback on your store and their experience.

Visitors like reviews, and I know you would really benefit from it.


Connecting with customers
A Contact Us page is a great place to start, but it’s not enough. For your contact page, I would take out the phone number field (it scares away customers) and add in your email address.

I would also add in a live chat option, too. Email or the message form doesn’t answer questions immediately. They send it in and leave your site while waiting for a response. That’s the last thing you want. Live chat lets you answer their questions while they are still on your site. 


I love your products and I know you’re going to see business just take off. Understanding what your visitors are doing is going to make a world of difference though. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings, live chat and more with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month. There’s no coding required from your end at all, and there is a free, personalized call available to help you get the most of your Lucky Orange and make sure everything is set up correctly. 


I hope this helps! Good luck with your business journey, and be sure to update us on your progress. 

Cheers - 


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Hi @MCAjewelry  ,

I had gone through your website here are some suggestions that you can consider :


1. Consider using high resolution image on the Homepage which is located just after the header.

2. You can add customer testimonials to increase trust among shoppers.

3. Add more social media pages links if you have.

4. Instagram feed could be added for better brand promotions.

5. You may want to think about adding product reviews. Reviews are essential for any eCommerce store as it helps sell more and creates immediate trust with shoppers. Be sure to check out our review app. 


You can read more about our app here. And also see some of our display widgets in action on our demo site.


I hope above points helps :)


Kind regards,

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Thank you for such a through reply.

   What is a Hero image and what kind of action button would apply?

   I will look into Lucky Orange.  I was scrolling apps yesterday and there are so many with the same options that I was really confused about selection.

   I will see if I can find where to add a link to the bracelet.  I don't remember seeing that option at the time, but that was several weeks ago.

   I also teach classes and thought about putting link images in the image slider that would go back to my sign up pages for my classes.  Do you agree? 

   I believe I saw the 'new page' for the social media links, so I will check on that.

With my color scheme, my mentor and I thought the green text was the best color for text.  Please suggest another color for the text.

  The image in my header was the best image I had for a banner as long as the header banner.  none of my other images would fill the whole banner width.  So do I use an image that does not cover the whole width of the banner??  I should use an image that depicts my best jewelry item??  Yes??  And this image also shows me working on an item that is not complete.  Good or not good??  What about an image of my work station?? 

Cabochon and Brick stitch are Jewelry types.  But I could add color to each item and metal to those that use metals.  Cabochon gets 65,000 searches on Ebay and 116,000 on Google.  

For my photos I use Photo shop to edit.  I save all photos to 600 x 600 pixels.  My really close-ups are edited from the original of around 3000 pixels down to the really close-up of 600 pixels.  My camera does have the micro selection and I do use it when taking my photos.   If it would help, I could take two photos - *one from a distance for the full shot and a *second for the close-up shot.  Then there would be less editing down --  Think that would help???

Reviews is an app I would like to add.  I will follow your suggestion and put it on the final step.

I was looking at live chat and I could not figure it out.  I do NOT have my Shopify on my phone, so do not have the option of customers contacting me on my phone.  Without giving them my cell phone number.  I could use some guidance in this area.  Maybe a recommendation for a live chat app that refers calls to my phone.  I read about a web site that does that I think -  Not sure what it cost.  Any help here would be appreciated.

Again thank you so much for your review and suggestions.

  Hope I have not talked your head off.

   Sande Gene,  Jewelry by Sande Gene

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Thank you for your response. I appreciate all assistance I am offered.
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It was my pleasure. Wish you best of luck for making lots of sales :)