Feedback on my store please before my launch!

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Hello, everyone. I'm new and I just worked on my first store.



Please give me your honest opinion and advice on the functionality of my store .


 Thanks you so much for you time and opinion


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Your products need some serious work. Why would someone buy from a store that has 7 products that are virtually identical. You are also severely limiting your customers by only make them where 19 year olds can wear them...
19 year olds want to wear something cool not a random T-shirt with no design.

On top of the designs needing work your site does as well.

Create a real logo
Change add to cart button color
Add way more products or designs
Free shipping threshold is way too high.

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You have done great work on your website.
I suggest you can use hashtags in social media pages, A hashtag with your posts helps on order content for your gathering of people.
How to find visitors who you are? I suggest you can add about us page in your website.  And i suggest you can ad your store blogs, It helps for increasing of your SEO.

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Hi Wise,


I'd have to agree with Matt when it comes to niching down on the product selection. While your designs look great, you are targeting such a small audience, that you'd have to be a world known brand to make a living selling only a few T-shirts, to 19-year old people only. What happens in July/August? By that time people won't be likely to buy a Tee then can only wear for a few remaining months of the year. My advice would be - if you'd like to target a teen niche - to pick a fashion style and have a teen collection, but with a decent selection of pants, hoodies, hair accessories, handbags, shoes, t-shirts etc.