Feedback on my store please!

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Hey guys, launched my online business about 2 weeks ago, its a concept around the innovation of your own room with cutting-edge products like lava lamps, plasma ball lamps, 3d lamps, 3d wallstickers, creative incense burners, floating globes and as such.

You can find my store here, Fresh Room

I've tested with a few ads but nothing serious as im waiting to possibly use google shopping ads as i think thats my best bet however any feedback on the marketing side is highly appreciated!

So far i've made one sale, got around 1.6k sessions and 1.5k visitors, 21 added to cart and 10 reached checkout.

Around 800 visitors are due to an ad where it got a really high ctr, a really low cpc but the ad itself generated more interest than any actual intent to buy.

I'd love some tips on marketing, how to improve conversions on the actual web design and any general website tips, thank you!

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Hey, there! 

Karlie here from the Shopify Guru Team! I would be happy to help with some suggestions regarding your shop and some advice about marketing!

My first opinion of your website is that while the graphics and text are very professional, I do find the homepage to be a little congested. It can be overwhelming when a customer visits your store for the first time, there is a lot to look at. I would recommend removing some of the animated features of your website to begin, such as the pop-up window when you first enter the site, the 'Get Discount' tab at the bottom of the page or the pop-up window that appears when scrolling. 

To stay on the page of keeping your storefront professional and clean; I would recommend looking into the colour scheme that you're using. Sometimes colours that clash can make a website look more busy than it is. There are a couple of blog articles that I would recommend checking out to help you with colour schemes and fonts. Be sure to check out; Customizing Your Shopify Theme: How to Use Images, Colors, and Fonts and Building a Beautiful Online Store: 15 Design Experts Share Their Tips and Advice.

Try to keep the amount of products shown on your homepage limited, after all; that's what your catalog or collections page are for. Focusing on a set of featured collections would give the customer a glimpse into your catalog and would keep the customer looking for more. 

For aesthetic purposes, having your logo on more pages than just your homepage will not only create a more pleasing look, but it will also remind the customer of who they are purchasing from. I think your logo is fantastic, it's clean and easy to read - but I would suggest showcasing your logo on other pages of your website as well. 

When it comes to marketing, the one aspect that I always suggest starting out with is SEO. SEO is search engine optimization and it helps customers find your website and products when browsing the web. I would recommend getting started with SEO by first taking a read through our SEO and Shopify doc as well as checking out our Ecommerce SEO 101 Video Series.

Marketing and advertising on social media is a great way to grab customers and improve conversion. I can see that you already have an Instagram page set up on your homepage - I would recommend setting up other social media pages, like Facebook or Twitter, for your shop aswell. The majority of online customers are on social media, so making your page accessible on different platforms is important. Once you've set up your social media pages, you can look into different marketing strategies in that market. I would suggest checking out; 17 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Online SalesHow to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy: A Beginner's Guide and Instagram Tools: 20 Essential Apps for Social Media Management in 2018.

Last, but not least, I would suggest reading through some of the resources that we have to help you with conversion and sales. Specifically, The Beginner's Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization and 4 Checkout Conversion Killers That Drive Your Buyers Away.

I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions - be sure to ask and I would be happy to help!

Shopify Guru

*Karlie* | Social Care @ Shopify
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The site looks good, I would create a landing page with pictures with text and at the bottom add a few products. Keep up the good work.

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Hi CK4,

I liked the design of your webite, very unique!

As for getting more sales, I think generating relevant traffic is the number ONE problem of every new Ecommerce store.

I can recommend you to try AdScale to help you with your advertising campaigns. It's a Shopify app that automatically creates and manage advertising campaigns for your store, using advanced AI technology.

What's unique about this app is that it use insights from milions of active campaigns in order to create a very accurate audience targeting that is tailored to your store and products.

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