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Hello and thank you for taking the time to read and hopefully comment on the goods and bars of my store. I am having troubles with converting visitors to customers as I have a lot of traffic and zero sales. Please leave any feedback on to why this is! Thank you so much!
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Why should I buy Christmas items now ? 


Hi @ShopHeck 


Couple things I'd change


Home Page: I'd make this flow better. Also the collection list "for mens" and "for kids" the image doesn't fit the Christmas feeling you're going for. I'd lay out your home page like this also. 

  • Slideshow Image 
  • Collection List 
  • Something interesting with call to action 
  • Popular products (4-8 max) 


Main Menu: To many options here. I'd set it out like this. 

  • Home 
  • Product or Shop (with drop down to collections)
  • About 
  • FAQ's 


Overall website is pretty good. I'd try to have sense of urgency on why visitors should buy now and not wait until say December. 



Clayton Bates 

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Dear Santaland,


Congratulation for your store. We have gone through your store and hope the following suggestion will help you.


1. Optimize your store loading speed for mobile and desktop

2. Design can be more better and organized

3. Optimize your each product landing page

4. Optimize your store for SEO

5. Use Facebook and Instagram Shop for sale
6. Add blog section

7. Need to work on cart page

There are other areas you need to work

Need more experts tips? Please find experts here:


Thanks & Regards

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I have taken a look at your store. I have a few suggestions-

  • Fonts are crucial to creating the sort of smooth, intuitive experience that meets these demands. When used effectively, fonts guide the eye from one place to the next, keeping the user grounded as they browse products, compare features, and move through the purchase process.
  • The footer menu is too broad looks highly unprofessional. 
  • I noticed that you do not have an About Us page, it is, however. The About Us is probably the most underutilized marketing tool on Online Stores. What an About Us page should be is a goal-oriented sales page, one that focuses on highlighting the biggest selling points of your story and brand, making a strong impression on curious customers.
  • Make use of pop-ups to greet your customers. I would personally recommend you to go for a 45-sec-pop-up at the entry. Conversion rates for pop-ups are high and the most surprising discovery is that the pop up doesn't increase bounce rate at all. This is ample time for your audience to get hooked by your content, whilst also being quick enough to catch skimmers before they leave.
  •  I would recommend you to add a review button on your homepage so that every new visitor can get a glance.

    Create an engaging and interactive website- Engaged and loyal customers, can lead to an increase and repeat sales and also eventually lower down your cost of acquisition.

  • Make use of push notifications, which allows you to send push notifications in real-time to the user's browser. Engage customers will lead to an increase in repeat customers.
  • Chatbots in your business is that they save time. For instance, when used on your website they can provide fast, automated answers to most questions. This will engage your customers and prevent customers from waiting for a day or longer to receive responses as they would have in the past.

 Aitrillion offers all the necessary engagement features that will help you to boost your sales and reduce the bounce rate you should give it a try.

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The URL is adorable - I do recommend focusing on one niche - you'll find that the more you specialize in one niche, the easier and cheaper it will be for you to promote your store [you will have only one audience], it will be easier for you to pick right products, and have bigger selection. 

As you have mixed items at the moment [general store] you haven't got a defined USP [unique selling point] that can put you above other competitors, which means it will be really difficult for you to generate sales.

Make sure to pick a niche first, grow it and specialize in it, and you can then expand it when necessary.


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