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Hi all,

I have just launched my website yesterday:

I've been getting really positive feedback on the professional design and various products I am offering ( I surveyed my website across university campus students to know what needs to be fixed); that to say, I fixed all the bugs and issues they were concerned about. Yet, I have achieved 0 sales, until today ( 16 hours after launch, using Facebook ads). I know I am asking too soon, and I probably should wait more but I am trying to fix all issues to boost sales quicker. It would be really appreciated if you please provide me with your professional feedback guys, 


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2 really fast points off the top of my head.


First is the banner art, a good chunk of it doesn't scale properly and appears blurry/pixelated, especially the rick and morty one.   Second being everything is on sale.  Your average "pleb" shopper is out for a deal, it creates urgency, but if every item in your store is on sale it triggers red flags or makes the sale seem less genuine.  Post the discounted sales items tactically, focus on the things most likely to sell from a random customer and leave the rest up as filler, people will often compare item A to item B on a single page and choose between them.  Put a great item thats on sale around lesser quality items at regular price.   Your not really truly aiming to create the largest selection you can, your trying to create a situation where they pick from option A or option B, and one of them is the clear pick. 


Best of luck!

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