Feedback on my store

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Hi @sofizara,


There are a few things you need to consider when you’re getting traffic but no sales.


1. Your customer behavior on your site

Use Google Analytics to see customers behavior flow, so that you can optimize the landing pages. One effective tool you can use is Internal site search analytics (supported by Ultimate Search and Filter). Search analytics would provide insights into customers' need. If you’re able to understand the way your shoppers think, their affinity to a brand or a category and analyze their shopping behavior and correctly predict what they are most likely to buy, you’ll have a clear direction to drive more sales for your online business.


2. Is Your Website Easy to Navigate

If you’re getting traffic but no sales, your store’s navigation could be one of the reasons why your visitors aren’t converting.

Currently your website is using too many search patterns including icon-only search,  Search in the Navigation menu, and Filter Search in the Catalog. Clicking to the "Search" and the icon will lead visitors into different layout. This may cause confusion and annoyance for customers.

We recommend making the search box prominent and consistent on every page.

The search box needs to be displayed with an open-entry text field to reduce interaction cost. Your site search now request more steps as the user has to wait for a search box to appear, and then click one more time to input the text. Instead of clicking in the text field and start typing immediately, these abundant steps prolongs the search process and may drive frustrating user experiences.


You hide all the collections in the Catalog instead of showing them on the Navigation menu. Take a look at as they have the same categories as yours but allow customers easily locate products that they’re interested in. Besides, you should move the Terms of service to the Footer.


Moreover, you are missing product filtering on collection page. For example, when users click on the Baby girl 0 -24 Months, they have to click one more time to see the filter. And setting the filter redirects them to another page that is not the Baby girl 0 -24 Months anymore. Internet users do not have enough patience. Please consider showing the filter sidebar right on the collection pages for better user experience. (Refer our demo here:


3. Product filtering

There are some abundant filter options such as Tags and Collections which may have the duplicate values. You could consider showing the important product attributes so that users can refine the results without any hassle.


The color values are not appropriate as they shows Numbers or Alphabet. In addition, you can consider merging different color shades such as Navy Blue, Dark Blue, and Blue into one. (Refer this guide:


You do not display applied filters. You can use breadcrumb trail. In this method, all selected product attributes are displayed in a dedicated location. As the user keeps choosing, the selection continues to being added to this trail. The selections usually have an 'x' icon so that users can deselect any of their previously applied options during a product search.


If you need further support to create an excellent product filtering and instant search like big eCommerce site, you could email