Feedback on my store ?

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Your main menu needs fixed. You want it to have a list of your collections. Remove the collections, catalog, about us, faq, etc. 


Remove all the sharing icons in your header. 


Remove the fake countdown timers from your product pages. 


add trust seals below your add to cart button


NO ONE will buy when shipping takes 15-35 business days... you do realize 35 bueinsess days is 2 months right?? 


I would google other sites in the jewlery niche and pattern your stores after them. You can also hire people on fiverr to help you with other optimization tweaks. One that I would recommend is

Please check your menu on a mobile device.
The background color is transparent and menu text font is black. Menu items are not visible properly. You need to have a white background.
Also you can do some additional addon like add "Buy Now" buttons on products.
I hope you have already leveraged the sales channels of Facebook and Instagram.
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