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Hello, i need feed back on my store. Want to know if i can change a few things. NEED HELP,no sale and not enough time on pages from visitors.
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Hello. After carefully looking at your store I would recommend a new theme or layout. You can also benefit from adding more relevant content. What makes your company better than the next? Adding more detail about products and how buyers can benefit always helps.

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Hi JVirgo,

  • The about us page has a very small content. I recommend to update with more content, what is the motivation doing this, why you are doing it. Share your native photos of your store and team.
  • The footer section needs to be redesigned.
  • I'd recommend adding an FAQ page so your customers will know about your shipping times/costs, what your products are made from, where you source your materials, how they can return the products.
  • I really like the Instagram integration towards the end of the page as this shows that your store is current and active.
  • I recommend adding customer reviews to your homepage, so your store look more trustworthy.
  • You should add a headline and a call to action button on your hero image section.

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