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Hi Everyone! I am looking for some feedback on my store La Crunchy Boutique! I am getting good traffic but zero sales!! Can you please give me some feedback as far as layout, I am not seeing my tags with this theme so not sure if it is coming across as jumbled possibly? Thank you in advance!


Hi @Amymartin2010 


I feel like your home page has to many products on it. Also curious why you have a partner products link on your home page ? Is that another website you own ? I would personally stick to what you're doing on the one site with out this partner products. 


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Hey everyone, the reason for not having sales could be a lack of brand trust in leads. But you can convert them to sales. I suggest you use apps for increasing trust like Nextsale app. At first, you can use it for free. Add it to your site, your visitors will see the real comments of previous buyers of your service. This will create trust in your products and they will want to buy. This is part of Social Proof. Also as an Urgency tool, there will be the timing for some purchases with special discounts that trigger visitors '' if you don't buy it will finish'' and many other things. Make sure to add it, it is so recommendable. Try it for free and see the difference. Good luck on your site :) It is in the below, click to see. 

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