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Hi Daisy10,

I wanted to follow up and see how everything was going with increasing sales on Daisydollshop following the holiday season. I love your unique styles of bikinis. I work with Klarna and we help merchants to increase conversions by 44% and average order value by offering buy now, pay later options. Have you looked into installment options? Heres some more information about buy now, pay later options and how to get started.


@Daisy10 wrote:

Hi @Cal ,


Thanks for your reply! 


Yes this is my first store and still have lots to learn. I have added some things you suggested and have taken the logo off for now and will replace with a better design.


I am based in New Zealand so its just coming in to Summer in NZ and Australia so am targeting those countries with the swimwear.


I've added some reviews and updated my about us, so thank you for the tips :)


How would I change the social media links to open a new window rather than leaving my site?


My marketing campaigns could definitely do with a hand as it is very new to me, I have just been testing ad sets. I am thinking to hire an expert to help out with my ads and social media accounts.


Thanks for your help.




Hope this helps!