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We havent been on Shopify for 5 years and last time we were here we found that getting feedback from the community was really we were wondering if anyone could give us feedback on our new store    Any feedback would be much appreciated!!!  

Our store is based on Clean Theme's Masonry theme, which is just awesome as a starting point..

I am surprised that after 5 years, there still doesnt appear to be any Shopify-based system for bulk upload / easy management of metafields - what a nightmare.   I tried a lot of apps but ended up typing them in one by one.  Am I missing a trick there? - I cant believe that isnt solved yet.   Also Shopify's product reviews doesnt allow customers to post pictures of their purchases, so we had to use Jotform for that and place thei upload form behind a tab so we didnt hit the page-views-threshold for free-use.   We used our own carousel for the home page which works by just shoving 5 products in a manual collection, and the carousel combines a product pic and th product's vendor collection pic to make a banner/slider.   We didnt find a good / cheap solution for pre-orders so we do that by using negative inventory ranges to become a group, eg -3000 to -3100 inventory is "coming soon", -3100 is pre-orders for january, -3200 is preorders for feb etc.  

If there is any help I cant give in return just ask . 



Hello @neil_richards ,

I had viewed your website shortly and here are some of my points that I hope useful and you can implement on it easily.

Customize your product page, because its not set to browser length. I mean resolution. Re Arrange your theme resolution.

Rating and Reviews:  Customer reviews are fixes the value of of product, And these will decides the your business growth. These will helps to increasing of your customers.

Add Hashtags on Instagram: #You can add hashtags on Social media pages, It helps for increasing of your traffic. And you can increase your followers convert those are into customers by giving offers. And I am unable to find your website social pages.

Add Testimonials: Creating a genuine testimonials are trust worthy. This is the one kind of marketing communication b/w customer and business person. So you can add efficiently.

Add Blog: You know creating/adding of blogs gives you a great way to generate fresh content on a website and provide a catalyst for email marketing, social media promotion to drive search traffic to your website.

I hope You can get my points!

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Hey @neil_richardsThis is AiTrillion- an All-in-one Marketing Platform on Shopify. Here are some ways to make your store even better and make people want to purchase:

- Add the ‘buy now’ button- it lets your shoppers purchase the products they want faster and avoid extra steps of the checkout process.

The first fold of the website should always have a call to action in it -and here’s why; in most cases placing the CTA above the fold works wonders for your campaigns. This placement immediately draws your visitors’ attention to your CTA which is always good for conversions.


Add About Us page. It is one of the most important pages on your customer's website. It is an opportunity where their visitors get to know their company. This is a chance for your customers' to introduce themselves and the kind of business they do to their clients.

- Setup announcement bars or timers to promote your offers on the store.

- Reviews that you are asking for, you can install an app AiTrillion for that. 

Add exit-intent popup. Track when someone is about to leave your website and show the visitor an exit-intent popup with attractive offers and coupon code to complete the purchase.

- Add a web push notification. It turns visitors into subscribers and subscribers into customers. You can retarget customers & send notifications of new updates and offers. It can be sent even when customers are not in your store and bring back the lost customer to your store. You can also send an abandoned cart push notification, it helps to reduce the abandoned cart rate.


To add the above marketing engagement tools there are many apps available in the Shopify app store. Instead of installing multiple apps, you can install the all-in-one Shopify app AiTrillion and get all the benefits of marketing features in a single app. 

P.S- Free plan available.

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Hello @neil_richards 

I came across your website .Still you have to go with few changes to increase traffic.

->The Rewards system is to attract the customers to stay connected with your product or service. If you want to win customer loyalty, then one sure shot way is to introduce the reward scheme. .
A good reward program has a significant impact on the shopping experience. Reward programs definitely add to good customer experience.
Incentivizing customers is a great way to persuade them to return and purchase from you again and again.
Customer loyalty programs have a very powerful and strong impact on customer retention which also has an impact on your profits.
You can provide rewards for Registration, subscription, Order credits, Cart Value, Item review, Monthly, Birth day, Referral and many more

->Buy now Add it below add to cart to redirect customers directly to payment page.

->The Wishlist feature on a website allows a user to mark items they are interested in and revisit these items at a later date and they will buy.

->Add Customer reviews below the product image in product page. Reviews not only have the power to influence consumer decisions but can strengthen a company’s credibility. Reviews have the power to gain customer trust, and they encourage people to interact with the company. Customer interaction ultimately leads to improved profits for businesses.

->Try to add recently viewed products in product page which helps customer to save time .which help them to go directly to there previous viewed products.

->Social logins have as many benefits for businesses as they do for users. It reduces the number of steps between arriving on the site and buying to improve conversions. One-click logins also decrease abandonment - new users don't have yet another password to remember.

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