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Hi Community Members,

Hope everyone is doing fantastic ,  I have launched my new store on , Providing most precise skins in India for all the premium devices. These skins are made from 3M Vinyl , the most premium and expensive in the market.


Request all the members to check and provide your valuable feedback about how to improve , what to add , what to remove and targeting proper audience .


Attaching the image of the precision of our design , We have made our best to make skins pixel perfect for all the devices.

Skins SampleSkins SampleOnePlus7 Pro SkinsOnePlus7 Pro SkinsSkin Designs( Copyrighted,Non Reproducible)Skin Designs( Copyrighted,Non Reproducible)

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Great images! Site looks very well constructed and trustworthy. From here, you can start using A/B testing to improve the user experience. You can test where buttons are placed, what images should appear at the top of the homepage, etc. Just keep improving!


Good luck!

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Hi There, 


Congos for launching your store and I must say that your logo looks amazing and cool to show off :). 


I have following suggestions, 


  • The top menu can be expanded by adding high margin categories or high selling categories along with other top menu items
  • The default search landing page is bit off, I mean it's empty. You can show products on that page as well by simply updating the default search on the website with different search solution such as Sparq
  • The footer menu has two links Dropshipping/Product Request which both lead to contact us page. Not sure if thats intended or a mistake
  • You can add Sitemap on the site footer, it’s good for SEO purpose.
  • Add more description on product pages if you can. It helps with SEO and offers more trust to prospective buyer
  • If you have customer testimonial/reviews,  put them on the home page

I hope this helps, feel free to ping for any query 

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