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Hi. i would like to get some feedback on my store, like what should i improve, etc. I have had my shopify store for around 2-3 months, and still no sales.



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Hi there,


Couple things to consider doing:

  • You need to create a legit logo. It represents your brand, and people will make snap judgements about your site based on it. Consider getting one professionally made.
  • On your contact page, you should be listing your address. If you aren't willing to reveal who you are as a business, you shouldn't expect customers to provide their credit cards to you. Transparency builds trust.
  • Add product reviews to your product page
  • Should pick a theme which uses product thumbnails on the product page, so that people don't have to scroll down to see more images
  • Add product recommendations to your product page
  • Try to add a product zooming feature if possible




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Hi pk2100dk,

  • I understand the reason you use text only as your logo. It conveys simplicity and goes quite well with your brand. That being said, it may be worthwhile to look into a more unique design for your logo. Remember, a logo is part of your branding. It's a relatively low cost (sometimes with no cost at all) way to make your brand memorable. To help you improve your logo, here's 5 Easy to Use Online Logo Makers to Design Your Brand.
  • I can see that you have your contact information listed on your contact page. This is easily accessible which is super important, however, I would also consider adding a contact form to the page.
  • You can use the free Product Reviews app made by Shopify. Simply follow the instruction and the reviews you have will show up on both the product page. The best thing is that this app is SEO friendly. Your reviews will boost your SEO ranking.
  • No related product list. It is very helpful in improving your cross sales so i suggest provide featured collections or related product list.

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