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I started my store back in Jan, and just launched Facebook and Instagram ads last week.  Have gotten several hundred visitors but 0 conversions.  Would love any feedback you can provide.




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Hello @canastasio (Chris)


Congratulations on your new store. See below feedback.


1. Does the watch cover warranty period ? If yes please mention that.

2. The Jacket is good looking please mention any wash instructions and will it shrink after wash or is it pre-shrunk ?

3. Mention More on About us page.

4. Are you sure if the order takes more than 35 days the product goes for FREE if yes then highlight this on product details page

5. place size chart on the jacket product page

6. the link on contact page states -

If we don't respond to you in 12 hours or less, your order is free!  - Is this before someone orders ? or after the order if any query related to product is not sorted ? Please clarify this as I am trying to save you from people who expect FREE ...LOL




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