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Hello, Please provide ANY feed back you have regarding my store.

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Congratulation for your store. I have gone through your store and found the following feedback for you.


1. Need to improve your page speed

2. Optimize your store for SEO and Mobile

3. Need to change design

4. Change font

5. Add policies pages


There are lots of other tips which can help you, Please contact us for more tips:


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Thanks & Regards

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Thanks & Regards
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Hi Fourte,

  • The Footer section needs to be organized.
  • Like the logo only thing it's so big and it's on all the pages.
  • I noticed that you have a newsletter subscription box. I would suggest adding a bonus (such as a discount code) to entice your site visitor to sign up.
  • If the social media icons/links at the footer can be opened at the new tab instead of the same tab upon click. This will ensure your visitors/customers stay on your store while checking out your social media presence.
  • I absolutely love the featured images in your homepage slider. Consider adding a short tagline and a call to action to each image with info on what you are offering.
  • Your product images should all be consistent in terms of size.
  • You are going to need to write persuasive product descriptions for each product.

Hope you found this helpful, if so please click "like" below to let me know.

If you need more detailed feedback, you can use our free analyzer tool. To use tool please click here.


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Hi Fourte, 


Congos on launching your store! I would say the store is pretty well done :)


I though have following pointers which could help you, 


  • Your banners are pretty attactive, but they are not clickable making them dead space. I would ideally make each banner clickable to the underlying category page which they represent. For eg. the first banner with girl with open arms could go to 2-3 years female page
  • You can add Sitemap on the site footer, it’s good for SEO purpose.
  • Since you have just started you can have some promotional activity on the site, offer some discounts and add referral code that can help the first time user to gain discount on second order.
  • You should upgrade your default Shopify search to dedicated Search Apps like Sparq Search. This allows your users to use advance filters, work with spelling mistakes and other basic search features which are missing on default Shopify search. For eg. the url shows empty results even though you have toddlers specific items
  • You should use tools like pushowl, pushcrew etc to capture user interest for notification. This way  you can run marketing campaigns later and reach out to clients. 

Hope you found this helpful, if so please click "like" below to let me know.


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