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Hi.. Could I get some feedback on my store. I am struggling and getting frustrated. I have been using Shopify since mid August. I think I am on the right track but I'm not sure. I do not really know what I am doing and it seems like I am spending more time trying to learn how to use the program than working on my business.  My shop is


I sell needle art supplies. I am primarily on-line at this point but I do retreats where I sell POS and I and trying to make  money to open a brick and mortar. I have no marketing experience and even less business experience. 


Thank you in advance for your help. 


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I think your store navigation could be a little stronger. Second to nice colors and fonts, navigation is so important. In my store I have on the front page a series of images/links to several collections. I really think you have to make it so easy for people to locate something they like. You're off to a good start. I'd suggest playing a little more with the design, specifically finding other websites that you like, determining why you like them and adjusting yours. Usually it's playing with colors and fonts.


As far as marketing, consider using the google ad-words credit that Shopify gives you. Attractively word your ad and see how it goes. I think Shopify gets you $100 credit for this. You could also play with ads on facebook, which also shares to instagram. Run a sale and advertise for it.  


We've had a brick and mortar for 5 1/2 years, and in general I've had much more success there. My website from shopify is quite new though. Location is everything with brick and mortar, walking traffic being most ideal. 


Hope that all helps. Keep it up, you're off to a great start. 

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Thank you. 


What do you mean by stronger navigation? I have all the products set up in collections in order for people to search what they want-- not sure what you mean by make it stronger.. 


Colors and Fonts-- What font? Size?   Color? Where? Is there one that is better than another? 

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Hi @Terri-P ,


Here are some most important suggestions from my side,


->Your product images are not having similar sizes, which is looking unprofessional, consider maintaining the equal size.


-> Your font style is not convincing and not readable, the user will take more than the normal time to read which increases the probability that he/she will bounce. You should go for standard sizes and styles.


-> The home should be expressive enough to let sellers know about the website, they should also be cleared with your products, you can do this by performing the following-
   -> By giving the category of your catalog on the top of your website (replacing the "about us", "contact us", "upcoming events" and "catalog" as they should be given on the footer.)

   -> By placing at least 3 sliders on your home page representing your products in two and upcoming events in third. The third one will redirect them to the new page.

/I have noticed these points in most of the Shopify stores, thus, I am suggesting the same.


-> All of your blog posts are of unequal sizes, and one of them is not having the banner image, it would be much attractive if you give them the same dedicated size.


-> Social media links are important for brand awareness, you have no social media links in the footer or anywhere else throughout your page. please go for it.


-> Use favicon to get your store recognized in the cluster of tabs.


-> Also, the ideal size of the heading is 55-60 and that of meta-description is 155-160, consider maintaining this limit while writing heading and meta description o your products and your store as well. This will help your store to rank on Google search results.


To get these points (and more) executed quickly & easily you can click here.





Menu: Rearrange the Menu as Home | Catalog | Up Coming Events | Important Resource Links | About Us | Contact Us


If possible change Up coming events to "Events" and  Important Resource Links to " Important Resources".


On click of catalog, it opens a menu dropdown, however, it should open on hover of the menu item.


Breadcrumb: The breadcrumb is unwantedly taking space and visitor is not able to see the filter options & product list at one glance and making them scroll the page to see the products.


Banner:  Change the test color on the banner to that of the shop now button color as the current color is not catchy.


NOW IN THE SHOP: The product images are not in a uniform size. so it is making that section look messy.


KINDRED SPIRIT NEWS: This section needs an image for the middle post so that it should look in a uniform size.


Padding and theme design: The theme is not arranged properly and lots of space is being left unwantedly which is harming the look and feel of the website.

Product listing page: The image issue is on this page as well. You should use images of uniform size all over the website.


Social Media icons and sharing features: It is missing on the website and it should be there on the website.


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Hey Forthestitcherssoul,

Feedback is very much necessary for any store improvement. My suggestions for your store are as follows:

  1. Favicon is missing.
  2. Add some social links to the site footer for better customer connection.
  3. Make a seperate sale page for all discounted items.
  4. Add some more blogs for making the site more informative.
  5. Add some customer testimonials for better customer experience.
  6. I would recommend replacing the default search with an advanced search like Sparq which allows synonyms, advanced custom tag filters, spelling correction, and other such features. Visitors with search are high intent users and their conversion rate is higher than normal users.
    Check out the features live here.
  7. You can also install one of the most popular app Growwave which is all in one marketing platform that helps store owners increase conversions with ease.

May the feedback improve your store and bring you many conversions.


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