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Please check out my store, I'm doing something terribly wrong, I haven't made a dime in the three weeks I've had my store. I'm also advertising on Facebook, my domain is and I'm a senior citizen on a fixed income, I really need this to work for my grandchildren as well as myself. I'm also planning to donate 10% to to help connect rescue dogs with people who need emotional support dogs or cats. I have an E.S.A. and she is my saving grace. I've suffered Trauma from Domestic Violence, with Angel, my E.S.A. I don't suffer from P.T.S.D. anymore, I live with it. Please help. I can't quit!


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Hi @LeilaG1 ,

Facebook is a very visual platform and you need to make sure that your ads are good at catching the eyes of your custom audience.

You can tell that your ad creative is performing poorly if your ad has a low CTR. The average CTR on Facebook is 0.9%.

Facebook ads can be a great way to increase traffic numbers for your website. However, if you have yet to see an adequate return on investment, it may just be that you’re making some common mistakes leading up to getting your custom audience to your landing page.

I just reviewed your store. I think you should do some improvements on your store also.

Homepage: Homepage designs guides your visitors around your website. Homepage content should be strategically decided. You can add more sections on home page such as ‘blogs’, ‘Top selling products or best selling products’, ‘New arrivals’, ‘offers & discount banners’ to engage users. Also, Include trust indicators on the homepage.

Product Page: Product page formatting could be more organized. It should be nicely spaced so that buyers find it visually appealing. You can display the extended details using tabs rather than a chunk of text. Think about how you can concisely convey and highlight the most important information. You can insert images into a carousel.

Put Effort Into Online Reviews & Social Proof: Social media Makes your visible and it expands conversion such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are great platforms for marketing and connecting with customers.


Live Chat Support: A website with no live chat is like a store with no sales assistant. Start a conversation with your visitors and turn them into happy customers. So integrate live chat support on your website.  


Multiple Payment Options: Make it easy for your customers to pay. Provide as many payment options as possible.  

These few tweaks can really benefit your store and improve your sales, I hope my feedback will help you!!!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!!
Thank you!!!

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Hey @LeilaG1, It's really great to know that you are planning to donate 10% to Here is the feedback about your store:-


1. Add a header menuProvide contact information throughout your website to make it easier for customers to contact you.

2. Add attractive slider images in the first fold of the homepage with the call to action button on it. It can be like 'shop now' or click here'.

3. Add policies in the footer. 

4. Home Page should flow better. I would recommend setting it out like this. 

-Slideshow Image 

-Collection List  

-Popular Products ( 4-8 Max ) I would only use 4


-Newsletter sign up box


Other than that, you need to add marketing tools in your store which will help you to engage visitors and get conversions:-


1. Add web push notifications, it will help you to retarget your customers even when they are not on your store without getting their email address. It also helps to reduce the abandoned cart rate.

2. Add a chatbot to make sure you never lose any of your customers. Every visitor can be your customer.

3. You can start giving Loyalty Points and Rewards to WOW your customers. This will increase repeat purchase and customer lifetime value by giving points and rewards that give customers more reasons to return to your store.

4. You can add a countdown timer to create urgency for your promotions or offers with the countdown timer bar and motivate your customers to buy more from the store.  It helps in increasing sales.


To implement these tools on your store you can install AiTrillion.comI am sure you will find it useful.

Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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