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Hello, I am a relatively new store owner (1-product-store) and have recently started testing out some creatives through FB marketing. 

My website is I have started getting visitors and website sessions are slowly increasing but no conversions yet. 

Could you please provide some feedback as to what you think I can improve on?  I have tested my payment gateway and changed some images to higher quality product photos. 


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Hi @roshaan ! Let’s see what we can do!

First thing - get rid of this pop-up:

This is the sort of thing that would make people question the authenticity of your website. That’s the last thing you want to do! 


Moving on, let’s break down the homepage: 


  1. The hero image - It’s bleeding into your header, which makes your logo essentially unreadable. It also buries any messaging and navigation you have. Meanwhile, your image itself isn’t telling me a lot about your product. It’s showing the AFTER of defrosting a steak. At first glance, I would think you’re selling food or meals. 
  2. The CTA - While I like that the lime green stands out, it doesn’t stick with your brand colors and it makes the white text hard to read. 
  3. Product information - Make sure it’s easy to understand. Your measurements are in centimetres, which will be great for some of your visitors. Other visitors will need inches. 
  4. Newsletter subscription - Since you’re a single-product store, what other value do you have to offer guests? I would move it from a homepage feature into the footer (or remove it completely).  
  5. The free shipping banner - it blends into the background. I was looking for shipping information and didn’t see it. I would update it to stand out. Also, be sure to include it on the product pages and the FAQs. 
  6. Favicon - don’t forget to add one! 


Do you know if people are using the CTA to get to the tray information or scrolling below? I would use heatmaps to see where people are clicking to find out. If they are primarily using your main navigation or CTA, I would consider adding in a video of this at work. That’s going to sell it more! It’s showing people how it works and that it’s easy to use.


Product page/Ordering
There’s a lot of information here! Overall, I find that there’s too much text. I would suggest watching session recordings to see how people use your product page. Where are they clicking? Do they even scroll?

At the same time, offer live chat. Set up an auto invite to trigger a chat invitation when someone stays on the page for more than 60 seconds. If people have questions, you can answer them while they are still on your site. That’s a huge advantage over a contact form. 


Also, consider running a poll asking “What stopped you from checking out today? or “What is your biggest defrosting pet peeve?” Both of those questions can help you gain insight into streamlining the ordering process or better direct your messaging on your customers’ problems.

Overall, you’re going in the right direction. I’m glad you’ve made changes to the images by focusing on higher quality photos. That’s great! Now it’s just turning to visitor behavior to drive those improvements that lead to more sales. Lucky Orange had heatmaps, session recordings, live chat, polls and more with a free trial (no credit card required) and plans that start at US $10/month. 


I hope this helps! Good luck.




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Thank you so much for the feedback! I will start looking into your recommendations.