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So a couple of months ago I created a website on Go Daddy, I loved the website and was hitting traffic from there along with my facebook & Instagram page for the store, however I was not receiving any sales. I have a friend who runs a few e-commerce stores, does paid and organic search results, graphic design and web development, took a look at my website and said I should move over to Shopify as he feels that my store would be better there.  I'm just worried even with this website, something may put sales off, I have had the previous website running since May. 

So here I am, I have built a new website, and transferred over my domain I previously purchased with Go Daddy. I just wondered if any one could take a look at the website and give me some constructive feedback on how to make the website any better or if anything needs tweaking. I really liked my old website, and my confidence shifted a bit when I was not getting any sales. Just wondered if there is also anything that I need to do to make the website more secure and more user friendly.

Any feedback is so welcome!

Thanks again  


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