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hello again community,

Just wondering if i could get some more feedback for my store -

I have also added my first blog post as well. Thoughts?

Also, any SEO experts out there, i've been checking my index coverage on Google Search Console and it hasn't updated since 1st of September. Not sure if i'm doing anything or anything i need to improve on. I have checked with the Google community but so far not much input from them besides that i dont need to worry about it as its normal. I have checked "site: mywebsitsite domain" but only had 1 more than i did couple of days ago. If anyone could shed some light on this that would be awesome. 

Appreciate your time on this and hope you hear from anyone soon! thanks.




Hello,tranzverz. This is Victor from PageFly and I'm more than happy to help. First of all, about your store design at The big slide show on top with the title texts of orange is difficult to spot since it's a blend not too well with all the dark color background images of those slides. Also, I have noticed that you let the option of play and stop the slide show, I don't know what other people think but for me personally, it looks unprofessional and it's leaving me the option to play with that button rather pay attention to the information that the slide is trying to deliver to me. Also, the slide should be running all the time to keep the customer up to date with all information in the store, the customer will skim through the slide and click on the dot of the slide that contains the piece of information they know, that way you can keep the customer informs about your store and make them click and see your content when they spot something they like (increase SEO). Secondly, regarding the indexing problem, the issue might be that your website did not meet the criteria for Google Console bot so crawl through your site easily and that is why your store is not indexing in Google. I suggest you take a look at this topic to learn more about GG console requirements Fix your store after that and resubmit it to Google console Hope this will help to improve your store, Best Regard! Victor - PageFly

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This is an accepted solution.

Dear @tranzverz.

You should replace your current banner with a more engaging one.  It should be a neat and crips image with a tagline to attract the first impression of new customers. From the design point of view, I found your font hard-to-see, so you also need to change it.

To sell products faster, I believe you should put on more CTA (like buttons or sentences) on the product.

Beside using sentences like "Sale Off" or "BUY NOW to save ... %", you should add labels to your product image. Product Labels Pro could help you at ease.

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