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Hello @Hashimjb , I'm Richard - CRO Expert at PageFly Page Builder. First of all, I would like to congratulate you and your store After checking your store, here are some comments I would have:


  • Your announcement bar will require a clearer announcement than SALE. You can add messages like Freeship or % Discount, giving users clearer information. You can also add links to the LP pages you want.


  • Banner: Your store banner looks good. You already have a heading and CTA. You may consider adding 1 to 2 banners for more content.
  • As your Shopify online store only have few products, your homepage has many good images from many angles of the product, this is a very good thing. You can add some information about your brand, to build trust from users. You can add the Featured Products section with the Buy Now button to convince buyers to make purchases faster.
  • Footer: Your footer is pretty empty and looks unprofessional. You can add a Footer Menu and link to important pages like FAQ or About Us.

Product Page:

  • Product Images: you need to have more authentic images of the products; the real pictures of the products will make customers trust your brand and your products. You should also add photos for each variant of each product. In the picture below, you can see that the variant currently selected is Samsung galaxy s10 plus, but the product's image showed an iPhone. This can be confusing for the customer.


  • Color Swatch: If your product has multiple colors, you can add a Color Swatch to increase the professionalism and aesthetics of your product pages. You can see that the color variant in your page is still in the dropdown menu form. 
  • Delivery Date: This is information many customers will look for before deciding to buy. I can see that you are missing this information on the Product page, you should consider adding it.
  • Product Descriptions: you should rewrite this section, making it easier to read. You can combine both Paragraphs and Bullet lists to present the information briefly but still enough to customers.
  • You will need more information like Shipping & Handling, Warranty & Returns or Reviews. They can inform customers enough info and keep them on the Product Page.

Some recommendations:

  • Your About Us page has so little information that users may feel distrustful of your store. You should add more information about your brand to build credibility. You can learn about the importance of About Us page is this article.


  • A video: you have a lot of product photos, but no video yet. A video can provide users with the fullest view of your product, while also demonstrating the origin and quality of your product.

That is my feedback and recommendations for your store. I hope that they can be useful to you and your store, like my comment if you think so.


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Hi @Hashimjb

Have seen your store and I think it has many things to improve. 

Here is my view: 

- It should not be "Sale Sale Sale". It should be "Sale up to XX%". And I think it's not necessary to discount of all products, which will make customers feel untrusty.


- It would be great if you can add Quickview buttons on your product pages. I believe many customers want to see more product details faster. 


- Add a CTA button on this section. And why you have two "premium quality" but you separate those? They need to stick together. 


- You have too many sections that have no meaning. Like this


You can build an Instagram account and create an Instagram gallery. It will help you show more product photos in a good way. You can see this example:


You can check this app: Shoppable Instagram Gallery. It will help you do that with ease. 

- In the future, you can try to sell more types of products to offer customers more choices, and also it will easier to create product bundles or frequently buy together.  

This is my view, and hope this helps!

Thank you and happy selling, 


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