Feedback on my store

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Need feedback on my store.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 

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Hey!, it looks like with a "performance marketing" look & feel, If that is the approach that you want, then you're on the right path!, apart from that the only points that I could recommend paying attention is the use of the spaces across the store, for example, in desktop I think the navbar is taking too much space and you could take advantage to use some of this space to have a clear view of the products at the first instance, and for mobile some descriptions have a huge whitespace at the end just above the add to cart and buy button (the most important part.).

We could talk quite long about best practices about UX but maybe is not your question related to going so deep on the conversation about it.

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Hi @etrendz

Have seen your store and have some suggestions for you: 

- This menu is lacking a Home option.  


- Bold the titles to make these more outstanding.  


- You can allow your customers to see more than only products.


- Maybe you can consider changing the color because it makes the texts are quite hard to see. 


- Your product pages are quite long, can try to add a Sticky add to cart to allows them to help your customers to add products faster. 

- Why when I clicked on the "Shop now" option, I can only see 6 products?


- I don't see any real-life product photos on your site. I know your store is a POD one, so you can have more photos by asking your customers for photo reviews.

After that, you can try to post them on Instagram and creating an Instagram gallery for your store. 

If you want to create one, check this app: Shoppable Instagram Gallery

Except for those things, I believe you're doing great, 

Hope this helps!

Happy selling, 






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Hi @etrendz 

Your store layout and presentation is looking great however there is more room for improvement. The graphic is good however the caption is not communicating clearly what your core offer is. Please see below



The caption "Great Product. Easy Shipping" is not communicating the customer value that what actually is the product and what it has in it to captivate the visitor. I would recommend adding a new caption that clearly communicates the customer value. Banner holds great importance since it makes the first impression for the user.

If possible, add a marketing video to your homepage showcasing your flagship products and offers. The below section seems unclear, especially the word "Newsletter"


Add your social platforms icons to your website footer/header, and adding a Facebook live chat widget would also be good. Also, I would highly recommend integrating some in-store marketing mechanisms such as email marketing tool and social proof to establish a relationship with your customers. The email marketing tool will allow you to capture your potential customers' email ids and you can then retarget them through reminders and customized offers. You can check CareCart to integrate this mechanism. This will help you in boosting your conversions. Good Luck.




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Hello @etrendz,

We've reviewed your store in this video:

We hope you found our feedback helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us using the contact information in our signature :). We wish you all the best!

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Hey @EcomGeeks,

Thank you so much for your time and suggestions. 

I have started working towards it.




Hello  etrendz,
This is Salehelpr. I have seen your website. Here I am sharing some feedback. Hope it would be helpful.

  • Include social share and follow buttons
  • Implement calls-to-action
  • Use the right imagery that works for your audience
  • Create navigation that guides users through your site
  • Let your visitors scroll on your homepage
  • Don't be afraid of white space
  • Stay mobile friendly
  • Focus on SEO
  • Never stop testing
  • Find and fix 404s
  • Create unique offerings
  • Create content for your persona
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