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  • Help! Could someone please give me constructive feedback on my store. I have been in business for 5 months and no sales yet. Please help. What am I doing wrong?
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Hi @Tudayaccessorie 


what is your website url?

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Hey there, @Tudayaccessorie!  

Congrats on hanging in there. It’s tough to put so much effort into a store and not have any sales. Let’s see what we can do.

First impression: There’s a lot to look at, and in the process, I lose track of what you sell. You mention restocked popular items, but if I don’t know if I want to even find out more about your brand, that’s not a value message that makes me interested. Also, it may be confusing that you have clothes in a store branded as accessories. 

Alright, let’s dive in.


  • Make sure you have a favicon! 
  • Having two announcement bars isn’t working. You have one at the top that mentions worldwide shipping, overnight shipping and then a 10% discount if I order $50 or more. Below your hero image is your second one that’s promoting your weekly promo. There are too many conflicting messages here. It’s a lot to take in. I know the thought process is likely that one of these messages will resonate with your visitors, but it ends up being more of a turn off. Additionally, only the top announcement bar is shown across the site. As a result, visitors who either don’t come to your homepage or don’t remember your deal won’t think about applying it to their purchase. 
  • Hero image: I have to give you kudos here for using just one hero image. A lot of merchants go a little overboard and add too many, but you focused on one. Unfortunately, that one you’re using isn’t the right image to use. It’s hard to read and makes the page way too busy to use easily. It’s also missing a CTA. I would try different images with a CTA - use heatmaps, which show you where people click or how far they scroll, to determine which one is the best for your audience. 
  • Overall: Use a heatmap to understand how people use your homepage. How far do they scroll? Where do they click? What are they missing? My concern is that because your hero image is so busy, the hamburger menu can easily be lost. Do they click on your collections? If they are, you may want to move those higher on the page.
  • Word of warning: Be very careful with your images here. I’m noticing a lot of blurry images, such as by your “impressive” feature. In other features, like your Tattoo Love Face Cover, the formatting is off. These are small things that can raise red flags from your visitors. 

Homepage feature: Tattoo Love Face Cover

  • Formatting aside, this feature is a red flag to me, and it may not be for the reasons you would initially assume.
  • “Tattoo love face cover” - I don’t get the connection with Tattoo Love. Is it a brand? Why call it that? When I clicked into the product, the name was completely different. Nothing screams RED FLAG like inconsistencies like that. It doesn’t explain what Tattoo Love is and instead calls it the “3D Fashion Reusable Face Mask.” 
  • Is it “face mask” or “face cover?” 
  • Why feature just this one? Since you have more masks, why not dedicate an entire collection to it? 


  • Newsletter: Stay away from generic text like this. If your visitors don’t know if they want to buy from you, they don’t know if they want to sign up for your emails. Instead, add value to it - what do they get? A discount? Style ideas? 
  • Social links: My advice is to not use text to promote it. Use icons that are linked; make sure they open in a new tab.
  • Privacy Policy: Link the URLs mention and your email address
  • Refund Policy: Link your email address. 
  • Shipping Policy: Link “Contact our customer service email” to your email address. 
  • Terms of Service: Link your email address. 
  • Contact: Link your email address and include your contact form here. It’s on your homepage but should be in here most of all. 
  • About Us: Link your email address and add a personal touch to it. Make it personal. This isn’t just a business - it’s YOUR business. 
  • Order: I would use a heatmap to look at which ones are getting the most clicks. Move those higher on the list. For example, Contact should be higher on the list than Terms of Service. 

Main Navigation

  • We have to talk about your navigation. On the surface, it looks fine. It’s short and sweet. It’s exactly what main navigation should look like.
  • However, when you dig into it, you start to see some cracks.
  • Shop: This should be for ALL of your collections, not just the ones that didn’t fit into the other collections. Consider this your Shop All collection where someone can click into everything.
  • Handbags and purses: Since this is the only collection with a long name, I would shorten it to Purses. 
  • Clothes: Use your heatmap to see if there are collections that are more popular than others. There’s room for condensing. For example: Bottoms can include Skirts and Overalls. Lingerie can include Pajamas. Rompers and jumpsuits can be combined. Heatmaps will also show you if there’s a better order for them. 
  • Watch session recordings, which act like a DVR for your website, will show you how people navigate across your store. You can see what they’re skipping and how they move to a product page.

Collection page
For reference, I’m on your Clothing collection page. 

  • There’s a typo in your header. It should be “occasion” instead of “occusion.”
  • Great job keeping the images consistent! 
  • There’s no way to filter through your items. You need to add filters for type of clothing, color, material, rating, price, size, etc. Think about what would help your visitors in finding that perfect product. 

Product page


  • You need to add in shipping information here and a link to your shipping policy. Reiterate that free shipping. 
  • Did you mean for your buttons to be different sizes? Your Add to Cart button is significantly smaller than Buy It Now. I would make them the same size. 
  • Add a sizing chart.
  • Write a better description here. Right now it’s not very enticing. Someone wouldn’t read that description and think, “YES! I HAVE TO HAVE THIS!” They would likely be more interested in what GIG means or be interested in the care instructions.
  • Don’t forget about reviews! Add a tab for reviews and encourage them from your customers. I know you’re still waiting on that first sale (which will come very soon!) but it’s good to have it in place now.

Wrapping it up

All of that hard work you’ve put into this store isn’t for naught. You’re on the right track, and visitor behavior is going to make that difference for you. You’ll be able to see why more people aren’t converting and what’s stopping them. Lucky Orange has session recordings, heatmaps and more with a free trial (no credit card needed and plans that start at US $10/month.

I hope this helps! Good luck!

Cheers - Danny

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Hi @Tudayaccessorie !

Add a favicon

Add clearear CTA to your hero banner. Clear CTAs - help to show what to do next. Hero banner on your homepage is a key to make a connection with every visitor. You should clearly communicate what your website is about.

90% of people read reviews before purchasing an item. I personally do not read the description too much, I go straight on to the reviews section because that is social proof. In my opinion that is essential for every site. I highly recommend (almost insist) and adding that feature on your site. You can use Growave for that, it offers automated emails within the Reviews feature as well.

Use a referral program that will encourage your existing customers to share your products with their friends by giving discounts if the latter have purchased something from your store. With referral programs it is important to carefully set up so that you are not giving huge discounts and not getting anything back. [I recommend using one by Growave., because it is safe and it is integrated with 6 other marketing features (Reviews, Wishlist, Rewards, Social Login, Instagram, Discounts, Referral, VIP tiers) for better performance. 

Hopefully, I managed to help you. If so, please let me know by liking this post.

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