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Hi everyone, 

Would love to hear to your thoughts on our website 

We sell original classic football shirts have been in operation 6 months and are very happy but always looking to improve. 

Any feedback or issues? 



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Hey @LegendFShirts,

Very cool website! You are focused, you have a niche product, a target audience - you have great potential!

The one thing I would recommend is spending some time on your SEO so that you can extend your reach and be found in search results. By default, Shopify will take your product title and the description and add that into your SEO, which is what is happening in your case:


Good SEO will not just get you traffic, it will get you the right kind of traffic. We’ve created a video walking you through how to do your SEO properly so that you can target your intended audience:


If you have any questions, you can contact us using the information in our signature. We hope our response was helpful, if it was, let us know by giving us a thumbs up!

Best of luck!

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First off, congratulations on making the move to Shopify in the past year. I would be happy to give you some feedback on your store. The first thing that sticks out to me as an important factor to consider is your store design. I recommend checking out our Shopify design articles to get inspiration and ideas on how to build a great looking webpage with Shopify. Homepage Design 101 is a recommended resource to check out!

The thing that sticks out to me where you could improve is with your product photography. What you'll want to do if you want to really make those products pop and get people interested is to take your own product photos and have one or two people model the jerseys. If you have one or two models that consistently showcases your products throughout the site, it really helps with consistency and creating that brand trust. It also looks more engaging to the customer so they can get a feel for how the product may look on a person compared to it laid out flat.

I hope this helps! If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.

Dirk | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi Lewis, 

Your website look good but a few small touch can be make it better

-you can improve your image quality for products and homepages.

-For your product type, customer service will be crucial. You should add live chat to your website. 

-Also, you can add size chart in product page and also FAQ in footer.

-Emotion can be key part of your products. Maybe you can add player images with same football shirts.It can improve your conversation rate.

-Your products is perfect for gifting. Maybe you can add wrapping and boxing images. It will improve your branding and conversation rate.

I hope my suggestion helps.


Best luck

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Hello @LegendFShirts, I hope you are doing well! Your store looks professional. Here are some ways to make your store even better and make people want to purchase:

Setup Product recommendations on product pages as well as cart page.

- Make sure to enable automatic workflow emails/push for abandoned cart, win back old customers, welcome email, purchase follow-up, or browse abandoned customers.

- Add a referral program. A referral program can help optimize your sales cycle, help you produce quality leads, and take your marketing efforts up a notch. People are more like to make a purchase when a product is referred by any friend.

Setup an affiliate marketing program to increase your influencers and it will help to increase sellers.

Have you tried integration of Loyalty program with web push notifications, referral program, social media follow & share, popup, email marketing?

Integration of loyalty reward program with web push notification, review, referral program, social media follow & share, email marketing with full automation results in wonders for the eCommerce stores. It will help you in increasing conversions and sales on your store and retain the customers for the long term.

Hope this Helps! 

Moreover, I suggest trying out the 'All in one' Shopify app AiTrillion, a full-fledged marketing solution. It will help you to capture visitors coming to your store and will help in getting more conversions. 

I am also happy to assist you in setting up the above features in your store. Looking forward to your reply soon.

We are happy to help sellers to increase sales in this BFCM.



Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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